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ETSU Transitional Licensure
Renewal and Advancement to Full Licensure

The Transitional Licensure is issued by the Tennessee Department of Education for a period of one school year, but always expires on August 31st. It can be renewed two times. Teachers may teach on a Transitional License no more than three years.

First Renewal: The Application for Transitional License must be signed by the teacher and the school system's director of schools. It must have a statement from the college certification officer outlining the program of study, confirming admission to the institution's Transitional Licensure program and completion of the orientation component of the professional education core competencies. To minimally have met these requirements and obtain the statement, the teacher will need to have completed the following in time for first renewal:

  • Meet all of the ETSU Transitional Licensure admission qualifications. Refer to page 1 of this information.
  • Successfully complete CUAI 5707 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. (The Transitional License teacher is encouraged to complete more than just this one course in the first year in order to stay on track toward full licensure. However, it is the only required course for first renewal.)

It is the responsibility of the Transitional Licensure applicant to contact the certification officer when the license is to be renewed. Contact information:

Angela Murray, Certification Officer
Clemmer College of Education East Tennessee State University
Box 70685
Johnson City TN 37614
Phone: 423/439-7562

Second Renewal: Prior to the second renewal the applicant must have passed all Praxis II content tests, except the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PL T). If the director of schools requires a statement of the teacher's progress in the professional education core coursework, please contact Ms. Murray.

Advancement to Full Licensure: All Praxis tests must be completed, including PL T and any remaining tests under the subject area. See last attachment for complete list of tests required for all Tennessee Licensure Candidates. A statement from the college certification officer will be needed to verify completion of all Professional Education Core courses. Contact Ms. Murray. Other items will be needed from the teacher and school system director. Please refer to the Application for Transitional License, section for Advancement to Apprentice Level or Professional License.


Claudius G. Clemmer College of Education
East Tennessee State University
319 Warf-Pickel Hall
PO Box 70685
Johnson City, TN 37614-0685
Phone: (423) 439-7626
Fax (423) 439-7560