Student______________________            Admit Date______________



Teacher Education Honors Program



Honors-Enriched Service Learning Courses (3 one-hour courses required)   


__________HDAL 2008 (Honors Service Learning in HDAL)


__________PEXS 3008 (Honors Service Learning in PEXS)


__________CUAI 4008 (Honors Service Learning in CUAI)



Honors-Enriched Coursework Requirements (6 Semester Hours)


_________EDFN 2300-088 Foundations for Teaching-Honors Section)


_________SPED 2300-088 (Exceptional Learners)-Honors Section)



Capstone Requirement


_________Completion of Action Research Project of Thesis Quality



Enriched Student Teaching (12 Semester Hours)


_________CUAI 4850-088 (Completions of Honors Sections of Student Teaching)


Grade-Point-Average at completion of:


Term:_____________             Term__________ Term_________

Term:_____________             Term__________ Term_________

Overall­____________             Overall_________          Overall_______


Faculty Mentor__________________________________

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