Program Description

The Teacher Education Honors Program will consist of the following:

A. Participation in an Orientation Seminar/Experience during the first two weeks of the first semester of enrollment with other students enrolled in the Teacher Education Honors Program.  A Faculty Mentor will be identified for each student at the time.

B.  Participation in three College of Education Specific Honors Courses:

    1.                  An initial (1) credit course to be taken at the beginning of participation in the Honors Program.  This course will focus on service to social/cultural agencies and programs related to education.  (Hands-On Museum, Tipton-Haynes Farm, Rocky Mount as examples)

    2.                  A second (1) credit hour course to be taken after 60 hours have been completed.  This course will focus on service to health and recreational agencies and programs related to education (clinics, community sports, and other recreational facilities as examples).

    3.                  A final (1) credit hour course in the semester prior to Student Teaching.  Activities will include service to teaching-learning experiences beyond regular classroom experience.  (Alternative Schools, Remedial Programs, Gifted Programs as examples)

These three (1) credit hour courses will substitute for EDFN 4581 (Seminar in Education). 

A.    Enrollment in the Honors section of EDFN 2300 (Foundations of Teaching).  In this course students will compete specialized community experiences that are not a part of the regular class activities.  The focus of these experiences will be on participating in service activities to benefit studentsí communities in our region.  In addition to the service-learning experiences, students will extent their knowledge about the agencies in which they serve and their value to education.  Students will incorporate experiences of this class into their reflective journals.  

B.    Enrollment in the Honors section of SPED 2300 (Exceptional Learners). In this course students will participate in service-learning activities in settings related to working with individuals with disabilities that are not a part o regular class.  They will gain additional knowledge about the settings in which they do service learning.  All experiences will be added to the reflective journals.

C.       Enrollment in the Honors Section of CUAI 4580, ECED 4580 (Student Teaching Practicum).  This experience will include placement in a Professional Development School and will include community service beyond that expected in the regular class as a component of student teaching.  The student teaching experience will be presented in part or in total in an action research format with the journal reflecting the effects of the studentís activities in relationship to agencies and persons involved.  All experiences will be documented in the continuing reflective journal that will show knowledge acquired and service performed.

  D.       The reflective journal will be shared with other honors students, honors faculty, and others.  This journal will extend throughout the entire experience.  All elements of the reflective journal, including action research elements thereof, will be written in a manner consistent with the style prescribed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 4th edition.  Elements of the cumulative project will be reviewed by course instructors with the final product reviewed by the Honors Program Director.  The final product will be thesis quality.

 Total Teacher Education Designated Honors Courses or Sections:

HDAL 2008 (Honors Service Learning) 1
PEXS 3008 (Honors Service Learning) 1
CUAI 4008 (Honors Service Learning) 1
EDFN 2300 (Foundations of Teaching)  3
SPED 2300 (Exceptional Learners)   3
CUAI 4580, ECED-4580 (Student Teaching Practicum) 12
Total           21



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