Vision, Mission & Goals

The mission of the College of Education at East Tennessee State University is to educate competent, ethical, and socially responsible professionals who are committed to improving the human condition through enhancing teaching and learning, physical and mental health, and leadership. Through research, scholarship, and partnerships with schools and human service organizations, the college is committed to developing effective approaches to address problems and issues in professional fields. Within the context of our mission, the college seeks to promote diversity among students, faculty, and within the curriculum.

The COE goals were last revised in Spring 2002 following faculty approval of recommendations made by a COE Conceptual Framework Committee. They are continuously evaluated in concert with changes in the University Goals for Strategic Planning (most recently the 2000-2005 Goals). The current COE goals are to:

  • Assist our students in acquiring and applying knowledge of people, methods, and subject matter for exemplary professional practice by offering quality educational programs,
  • Create the necessary conditions, means, and methods for recruitment and retention of a diverse population to meet the changing professional and community needs,
  • Provide opportunities for our faculty to expand their knowledge base and to augment their technical and professional skills to serve to the students, the profession, and the community,
  • Organize and implement school- and community-partnership ventures to offer the COE's wealth of knowledge and expertise to help improve the educational and social conditions in the region,
  • Meet the COE's needs created by the rapid advancement in information, instructional, and adaptive technology, and
  • Develop and enhance external sources of support to improve the quality and expand the level of services rendered by the COE.