Center of Excellence


Dr. John Wheeler



Dr. James Fox III


Research Director

Dr. Lynn Williams


Associate Director

Lori Doyle


Executive Aide

Michael Talley



Early Childhood Conference


Julia Herwig


Coordinator of Services



Mindy Davis


Program Coordinator


Child Study Center / Little Bucs


Beverly Wiginton


Director  -CSC/LB

Connie Rogers


Assistant Director  -CSC

Barbara Wolff


Secretary  -CSC

Vicki Ledford


Secretary  -LB

Positive Behavior Support Initiative


Dr. Leia Blevins


Associate Director

Cherie Herald


Project Coordinator

Rita Leppert  


 Project Coordinator






Preschool Literacy Training Project


Alissa Ongie


Project Coordinator

TEIS Technical Assistance


Sandy Countermine


Program Coordinator