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The Counseling Program of East Tennessee State University prepares highly skilled practitioners to work in a wide range of professional settings.The Master's degree in counseling has four concentrations: Clinical Mental Health, College Counseling/Student Affairs Higher Education, Couples and Family Therapy, and School Counseling that may lead to national certification or state licensure in School Counseling or licensure as a Professional Counselor or Couples and Family Therapist. In addition, we offer a unique Education Specialist degree in collaboration with the Education Leadership and Policy Analysis Department.

The Counseling Program faculty and students embrace professional identities as counselors. As such, we emphasize a focus on the promotion of mental health, wellness, and development. We promote a heightened awareness of a multicultural and diverse world. We place high value on the therapeutic relationship and integration of clients' strengths and resources into the counseling process. For more information see our Counseling Program Mission and our Counseling Program Reports.




The ETSU Community Counseling Clinic operated by the Counseling program is being updated! Check out our progress here: Counseling Clinic Upgrade 

The Counseling Program faculty works to facilitate intellectual and emotional development, including critical and reflective thinking, in our students. The program of study includes extensive fieldwork opportunities for hands-on supervised experience working directly with clients of varying ages in diverse settings. Check out some of the advantages of attending the Counseling Program at ETSU!

We are seeking a diverse group of students who will excel as helping professionals in a wide range of educational and community settings.



CACREP All four of our concentrations are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs!

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