Service-Learning Library

The Office of Service-Learning has a small resource library for use by ETSU Faculty/Staff and students.  The library is located in Warf-Pickel in Room 307.  A variety of materials are available including books, articles, tool kits, videos, etc.  We welcome you to checkout our library resource offerings.

Checkout Procedures

In order to check out material you must complete a library checkout card and turn the card into a service-learning staff member.  All staff offices are located in Room 307 in Warf-Pickel.  The service-learning staff will sign off on the card and place a return receipt on the material.  Material may be checked out for 10 business days.  Renewals may be done by phone by contacting one of the service-learning staff at the following numbers 423-439-7776 or 423-439-7775.  Materials should be returned in the same condition as the time of checkout.  Failure to return materials or to return them in good condition will result in your being responsible for replacement cost.