Reading (M.A.)

Students who complete a Master of Arts in Reading (M.A.) may do so with either an Education or Storytelling concentration. Both the Reading Education and the Storytelling concentrations reflect the importance of the process and products of education and the need for graduates to be flexible thinkers as they deal with an increasingly diverse and challenging society. Both programs exhibit collaboration with schools and other agencies. The two programs differ from each other in the specific elements that comprise their goals. The specific goals of each part of the program are designed to produce competent professionals with expertise in each major field of study.

Reading Education

Dr. Karin Keith
Program Coordinator for Reading Education
Phone: (423) 439-7910
Office: 409B Warf-Pickel Hall

Dr. Joseph Sobol
Program Coordinator for Storytelling
Phone: (423) 439-7863
Office: 205D Warf-Pickel Hall