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LiveText, Students
  Registration/Purchase Instructions  
  Submitting an Assignment to an instructor  
  Visitor Pass Instructions  
  Creating a Portfolio in LiveText Starting a LiveText Portfolio from a Template
    Starting a Graduate Level Portfolio
LiveText, Faculty
  Creating a Rubric in LiveText  
  Creating a Course Assessment in LiveText  
  Using a Rubric for Assessment  
  Data Collection Improvement Handout  
TPA Classroom Video Help
  ETRC Video Help Site  
  TTU Tech's Youtube Video Tutorials  
  Video Tips Cheat Sheet (pdf)  
  Converting/Compressing Video Files Using Handbrake  
  Samsung Camera Help  

All instructions are posted in PDF format.  If you need a PDF reader for your computer, you can download it from this link.

There are also "How to" videos on our Facebook and iTunes U pages.

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