Kathy D. Bailey

Clinical Coordinator

Kathy joined the Center of Excellence Staff in July of 2005.  She has many years of experience of working with children who are in custody or at risk of being placed in custody. 

Kathy has twenty-two years of experience in high-pressure, critical-decision environments.  While with the Northeast Community Services Agency, she held the positions of training coordinator, resource management specialist, court liaison, and case manager to provide services to children at risk of entering state custody.  She served ten years with the Department of Safety as a sergeant and director of Planning and Research.  She has several years of experience working with the mentally impaired population at Greene Valley Developmental Center and Holston Home, Bewley Center.  She worked for one year with autistic children at Oakhaven Center.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Corrections from East Tennessee State University and one-year of study in Public Administration.

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