Department of Psychiatry

and Behavioral Sciences


Center of Excellence

for Children in State Custody


Our Services

  We offer the following services:

  • Case Staffing assistance covering eight Northeast Tennessee counties, helping to identify and resolve problems or obstacles in acquiring effective services.
  • Consultation with community providers to assist in care plan development and the diagnosis and treatment of children.
  • Education and training to the Department of Children's Services staff and to the pediatric and mental health community providers regarding Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment services and best practice guidelines to improve outcomes.
  • Collaboration with the Managed Care Organization and Behavioral Health Organization in network development, by helping to identify and recruit providers and sharing monitoring information about provider performance.
  • Limited direct services to children with complex cases (psychiatric and psychological evaluations, as well as psychiatric medication management).
  • Tertiary care coordination for ordered services and assistance with appointment coordination and medical record collection.
  • Close collaboration with the Department of Children's Services to assist caseworkers in their efforts to secure Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment-related Services.

Steps to making a referral to the Center of Excellence:

  1. Child or adolescent has to be under 18 years old and in state custody or at risk of entering state custody.  At risk of entering state custody means that he/she is involved with or about to be involved with:                                                     A) Child Protective Services                                                                                                                                                                     B) the Juvenile Court System
  2. Contact the Center of Excellence by calling (423) 439-2227 or (877) 746-6263.
  3. Complete a referral form. 
  4. Gather all historical and current information including:

  1. Department of Children's Services (DCS) Social History (if applicable).

  2. Current and past psychiatric information (intake, discharge summaries, and progress notes.)

  3. Educational and psychological testing.

  4. Current and past placements and services/treatment histories.

        Referral sources might include:

             Department of Children  Services Case Worker

             Mental Health Provider

             Behavioral Health Organization Worker

             Primary Care Physician


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