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Pediatric Psychiatric Collaborative Meeting


            11/18/08          “Time Out Doesn’t Work: A Facilitated Discussion Addressing Effective Methods for Teaching

                                        Parents to Implement Time Out”

                                                                    Jodi Polaha, Ph.D.

                                                         ETSU Department of Psychology



            10/21/08          “What is Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): A primer for the PCP”

                                                                                        John Paul Abner, Ph.D.

                                                                                     ETSU Center of Excellence

                                                                                                Milligan College



            09/18/08          “Help for the Wigglers” Jodi Polaha, Ph.D., ETSU Department of Psychology

                                                                              Allen Musil, M.D., Frontier Health 



            08/26/08          “All that Wiggles is not Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”

                                                                                            Jodi Polaha, Ph.D.    

                                                                                  ETSU Department of Psychology



                                                      ●    Summer Break - no meetings scheduled for 6/08 or 7/08



           05/20/08          “Overview of Eating Disorders” Merry Miller, M.D., ETSU Department of Psychiatry


           04/22/08          “Observe and Nurture: Identifying and Developing Skills for Motivating Children

                            and Families to Improve Health Behaviors”

                                                                        Michael Floyd, Ed.D

                                                         ETSU Department of Family Medicine 


           03/18/08          “Surviving Difficult Parents; Sharing the Burden”

                                                                                Steven Shulruff, M.D.

                                                                          ETSU Department of Psychiatry

           02/19/08          “Update on SSRIs” Terrence Clark, M.D., ETSU Department of Psychiatry


           01/22/08  "The Confusing World of Child Psychotropics: General Guidelines for the Pediatrician"

                                                                                  Allen Musil, M.D.

                                                                                   Frontier Health




           11/27/07           “System Responses to Abuse: Child Protective Services and the Child Advocacy Centers”

                                                                        Lauren Almanzor, Forensic Interviewer

                                               Children's Advocacy Center of 1st District


           10/23/07          “Recognizing the tip of the iceberg: How to recognize physical and sexual abuse and it intimidators”

                                                                                        John Heise, M.D.

                                                                                    Holston Medical Group


           09/18/07          “Interviewing Children about Sexual Abuse” Tom Schacht, Psy.D., Department of Psychiatry


           08/21/07          “Child/Adolescent Overweight: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention/Intervention”

                                                                                           Will Dalton, Ph.D.

                                                                              ETSU Department of Psychology 



                                                       ●     Summer Break - no meetings scheduled for 6/07 or 7/07


            05/22/07         “A Multidisciplinary Discussion: Behavioral and Medical Management of Complex Somatic               

                                      Complaints”   Participants of the Pediatric Psychiatric Collaborative Group


            04/24/07         “Special Education Laws and Consulting with Pediatric Patients and their Families on How to Advocate for

                                      Special Education Needs”   Loura Tipton, DCS Educational Specialist

                                                                                       Laurie Draves, Special Education Advocacy Project


            03/27/07         “Applied Behavior Analysis: Working with Children with Autism and Other Disabilites”

                                                                    Kevin Schama, Ph.D., and Veronica Joker, M.A.



            02/20/07         “Discussion with Pediatric Neurologist” Lenora Lehwald, M.D., ETSU Department of Pediatrics


1/23/07                       01/23/07         “Recognizing and treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” John-Paul Abner, Ph.D., Milligan College

                                                                                                                          Allen Musil, M.D., Frontier Health

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