Exercise and Sport Sciences Laboratory

    The Exercise & Sport Sciences Laboratory is a 2,500 square-foot facility located in 113 Memorial Center at East Tennessee State University which offers students a unique opportunity to study variables in the exercise and sport sciences. The ESS Laboratory provides access to modern testing equipment that is designed to increase students’ understanding of the human body and how it functions in various exercise capacities.

     Equipment in the lab includes 2 metabolic carts, 4 EKG units, 2 Quinton treadmills, state-of-the-art strength/power testing equipment including 3 force plates, and a hydrostatic weight tank. The equipment is incorporated into lecture and lab experiences designed to enhance the students’ educational and research experiences. With these experiences students develop a solid foundation in the principles of exercise and sport physiology, and human performance. This scientific foundation creates a solid base for students entering a variety of fields including adult fitness/wellness, teaching, coaching, as well as those students wishing to pursue an advanced degree.
     The ESS Laboratory also supports the Sports Performance Enhancement Consortium , a joint effort between the Department of Kinesiology, Leisure, and Sport Sciences and ETSU’s Athletic Department.

Laboratory Director

     Dr. Michael H. Stone is the Exercise & Sport Sciences Laboratory Director in the Department of Kinesiology, Leisure and Sport Sciences at East Tennessee State University. Previously he was the Head of Sports Physiology at the United States Olympic Committee (2002 – 2005) and was Professor and Chair of Sport at Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Scotland (1999-2001). His service and research interests are in physiological and performance adaptations to strength/power training. He has coached several national and international level sprinters, throwers, and weightlifters.

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