Certificate in Athletic Administration

Athletic Administration Brochure
The Online Graduate Certificate is an 18 hour cohort providing teachers, coaches, administrators and others with expertise in athletic administration. It may also serve as a pathway for higher pay, as well as laying a foundation for the completion of a Master's degree with a concentration in Sport Management.

Students who complete the certificate with a grade of B or better will be allowed to carry all certificate course work acquired towards the completion of a 36 credit hours master's degree with concentration in Sport Management. GRE scores are waived upon application. Students could be able to finish the masters' completely online.
The certificate is delivered in a cohort format, which means that students will be required to take only the classes offered for the cohort students each semester (2 classes). If necessary, students are also allowed to take only one class each semester. In that case, it will take longer than one year to complete the certificate. All Classes are offered in the same order every year. Please see the classes and when they are offered below:

FALL 2014

SALM 5220 - Issues in Sport Management (3)

SALM 5243 - Sport Marketing (3)


PEXS 5430 - Administration of Physical Education and Athletics) (3)

SALM 5245 - The Financing of Sport (3)


SALM 5230 - Legal Issues in Physical Education and Sport (3)

SALM 5225 - Planning and Operating Facilities in Physical Education, Fitness and Sports (3)

Total Credit Hours: 18

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-Out of state students pay e-rate: http://www.etsu.edu/fa/fs/bursar/tuitioninfo/etsu_erate_grad.aspx

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