Spring/Summer, 2014

2014 ETSU Summer Storytelling Institutes 

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STOR 5830 Storytelling Institute, Aug. 3-5. 1 credit elective. Guest Instructor, Doug Lipman. Topic: Coaching for Storytellers
Good coaching can help you discover the core of your story and your storytelling style. It can help you gain confidence in your strengths and overcome obstacles along the way. In this workshop, you'll learn the key principles of effective coaching, a central metaphor for the coaching process, and a five-stage process for coaching. Each stage has its own goal, tools, and coaching "persona" (attitude). You will experience the process in both roles (storyteller and coach). Please bring one or two five-minute stories (or a 2-minute excerpt from a story combined with a 3-minute summary of the full story). You will leave with your own "coaching chart" and a new framework for being coached, coaching others, and bringing coaching to your own coaching groups and circles of support. Not only will you learn a key tool for advancing your storytelling, you'll learn techniques that can benefit any personal or professional relationship.


       InstLeader2-2014 STOR 5830 ETSU/Umoja Storytelling Festival-Institute, Aug. 7-9. 1 credit. Guest Instructor, Lyn Ford.
Topic: Apples and Corn Bread, Diamonds and Toads: The Culturally Aware Storyteller as Effective Communicator
Affrilachian storytelling represents the distillation of Lyn Ford's deliciously blended cultural roots. Storytelling at its universal level is that interactive, empathic and effective gift we call "communication". Through models of culturally aware African-American, Native-American, and Appalachian storytelling, humorous exercises in expression and call and response, preparation and presentation of short narratives, productive play (a simple revision process), and dialogue, we'll approach and appreciate the creative development of an "around-the-kitchen-table" style of empathic orature.
NOTE: Institute students and faculty will perform in the Johnson City Umoja Festival on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Bring your telling gear and tales ready to tell!