Institute Registration

This page will assist you in registering for the institute/s of your choice. Follow these steps to register.

1. All participants must fill out the Registration Form and send it in with your deposit to reserve a place. If you are NOT taking the institute for credit, this and your housing arrangements are is the only steps you have to complete. 

2.If you desire to take an institute for credit, you must either apply as a graduate student in the storytelling program, or register as a non-degree student. This information can be found in the Graduate School website. If you wish to apply for the storytelling program, click here.

3. After you enroll, you must also register for credit through the university registration system called Goldlink.

4. Arrange for your housing through the ETSU Housing Office or independently.

For more information, contact Dr. Sobol.

To sum up, there are three separate payments that may need to be made for the institutes:

1.Institute fee (this is paid directly to ETSU Storytelling, and serves to pay the Guest Instructor—see Registration Form.) The Non-Credit Institute Fee is higher than the For-Credit Institute Fee because there is no additional tuition fee involved.

2. Tuition fee (for Graduate Credit--this is paid to ETSU or, for those using the NSN Tuition Agreement for In-State tuition rates, to the National Storytelling Network—see Register for Credit and Instate Tuition through NSN. 

3. Housing fee (this goes to the ETSU Housing Office—see Housing Form (This will not apply if you choose to arrange non-University housing).