Enrollment Process

1. Apply to the program through the Graduate School either as a major or as a non-degree student. It is important to examine the graduate school website and follow the instructions for admissions.

2. To receive in-state tuition if you are from outside the State of Tennessee, follow instructions provided on the NSN website.  ETSU participates in the Academic Common Market which allows certain students who hold residency in participating states to attend ETSU Storytelling Program at in-state tuition. To find out more about the Academic Common Market, click here.

3. Full-time students in the Storytelling Graduate Program may apply for graduate assistant positions, tuition scholarships, or other financial aid. To find out more information about tuition scholarships and graduate assistantship positions within the Storytelling Program, click here. For positions outside of the storytelling program, click here.

4. Register for classes online through Goldlink.