GA Positions

Graduate Assistants

There are a certain number of Graduate Assistantships available for full-time students in the ETSU Storytelling Program (the number varies from year to year depending on university budgets and external grants). These pay a small stipend of $3000 per semester, plus full tuition reimbursement--a full scholarship. They require 20 hour/per week service work or research assignments. There are certain set duties in the department that need to be assigned through these assistantships--such as booking the school and community tours of the student TaleTellers group, doing publicity for programs and concerts, web work for the program, etc. There are grant-funded research projects that have to be staffed, and which vary from year to year. There are also additional assignments that can be created each semester according to the skills and interests of incoming students. Positions on campus outside of the storytelling program are available through the Graduate School.