Graduate and Student News


This page is for graduate and current students to share news regarding their work in storytelling or other areas.
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  • Steven James of Smoky Mountains, TN received his master's degree in 1997. He has written over 30 books ranging in genres from inspirational nonfiction to psychological thriller in addition to writing about and conducting workshops on storytelling. The most recent entry in his "Bowers Files" series of novels (The Queen) has been nominated for four awards, including a Christy Award and an International Thriller Writers Award. For more information on his work, please visit his website:
  • Saundra Kelly of Tallahassee, FL is an alumni of the storytelling program who recently published a book entitled Southern Appalachian Storytellers: Interviews with Sixteen Keepers of the Oral Tradition. For more information, visit her website at
  • BJ Abraham of Atlanta graduated from the storytelling program with a master's degree in 1998. Her website is currently under construction and is not up to date, but it's You can also hear clips of some of her stories on her CD for grownups at: BJ has gotten a lot of mileage out of a story she created as a class assignment at ETSU: "The Night the Unsinkable Became the Unthinkable." It's a factual story told from the perspective of the ship. And she is enjoying doing it this year, especially -- the 100-year anniversary of that tragedy at sea.