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The Scholarship Committee will award 10 undergraduate students in the Clemmer College of Education with a scholarship of $4,000 each ($2,000 per semester for two semesters) for 2015-2016 based on the following criteria:  Undergraduate student within 12-24 hours of graduation; graduation in December 2015 or May 2016  Financial need as determined by FAFSA (ranking will be provided by the ETSU Financial Aid office)  2.5 GPA or higher The CCOE Scholarship Committee will award the Nelle Jessee scholarship across programs in the college including:  TWO awards to undergraduates in Exercise and Sport Science  ONE award to an undergraduate in Parks and Recreation  ONE award to an undergraduate in Sport Management  ONE award to an undergraduate in Physical Education  ONE award to an undergraduate in Special Education  ONE award to an undergraduate in Early Childhood Development Non-licensure  ONE award to an undergraduate in Early Childhood PreK-3 Licensure  ONE award to an undergraduate in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education  ONE award to an undergraduate in Human Services How to Apply: Complete the attached application along with a one-page essay describing career goals and financial need (1-typed page; 1-inch margins; 12 pt font). Submit the application and essay to your department chairperson by 4:30 pm on Monday, August 31st, 2015 for consideration.

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Teacher Boards - All Licensure Students (SPED/ECED) - 2015-2016

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Online Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education (MTEA) - Contact Dr. Amy Malkus, for additional information.

We are hoping to add to our spring 2015 online cohort by enrolling new, interested students for fall 2015. All classes will be 100% online, so the entire master's degree can be completed from a distance or during non-work hours.  The cohort will move through at the rate of 2 courses per semester, so in just 24 months, you can have a Master of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education. 

This is a non-licensure degree, but for students who already have licensure K-6, 1-6, K-12, etc. the courses will meet the requirements for an add-on PreK-3 license in the state of TN.  Out of state students can get a special eRate.  All the details you need to know are in the brochure, including information about class schedules, application procedures, etc.  Anyone with questions can contact Dr. Amy Malkus at or 410-463-0841.

Master's Certificate in Early Childhood Emergent Inquiry - Contact Dr. Jane Broderick, or for additional information.

The Early Childhood Education Emergent Inquiry program is an online master's certificate program for individuals who have a bachelor or master's degree in Early Childhood or a related field (i.e. Psychology, Special Education, Elementary Education, etc.). The program requires successful completion of the Certificate of Emergent Inquiry program (18 credit hours), at which point a student can decide to apply to and be accepted into the master's program in either the ECED, MTEA (Master Teacher) concentration or the ECED, RSEA concentration with up to 18 credits from the certificate being eligible toward the degree which will require completion of the following additional courses:  ECED 5950 Methods of Research, ECED 5210 Advanced Child Development, ECED 5167 Constructivist Approach to Math and Science, ECED 5335 Assessing and Evaluation Young Children, ECED 5345 Research in Early Childhood, and ECED 5570 Practicum in Early Childhood.  Anyone with questions can contact Dr. Jane Broderick at or 423-439-7695.


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