University SchoolThe present University School has been a part of ETSU since it began in 1911 as a two-year normal school.  The program and scope of University School has expanded significantly since those early days when the school was a department of the college and held classes in a section of the administration building.

Originally, the school provided for the first seven grades under the direction of four teachers.  By 1914, the 8th grade had been added, and a few years later the terminal year was changed to the 10th grade.

The first move occurred in 1915 when classes were transferred to a building known as the "Model School".  In 1929 this building was replaced by the present structure (Alexander Hall) and the name was changed to "Training School".  This name was derived from the fact that the program was designed to provide training for college students who were preparing to enter the teaching profession.

After a program of advanced planning, grade 11 was established in 1947; and a grade 12 curricula was prepared in 1948.  In the spring of 1949 the first class was graduated from the Training School, and those students became charter members of an alumni association.  The name "Training School" was officially changed to the present "University School" by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the State Board of Education.

The number of University School faculty has grown from four teachers in 1911 to more than forty faculty members.  The student enrollment is approximately 540.