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Every Buc makes a difference!

  • Attention all clubs and organizations at University School!  This year's Club Expo will be held during high school lunch on July 31st.  Club Expo is when your organization can showcase it's purpose, and you can add new members!  All clubs MUST email Ms. Bragg or Ms. Campbell by July29th the names of no more than two students per lunch who will be representing your club.  Please see Ms. Bragg or Ms. Campbell with any questions!  Let's make this Club Expo gggrrreeaaatt!!!!

  • Attention all High School students!  Are you interested in starting a new club at school?  If so, now is the time to do it!  First, you must find a teacher sponsor, next you fill out a new Clubs and Organizations Application form, lastly you submit the form to Dr. Brinson for his approval.  This way your new club can attract new members at this year's Club Expo!  But you need to move quickly!  The deadline to sign up for Club Expo is July 29th!  Please see Ms. Bragg with any questions!


Clubs and Organizations

Printable Clubs and Organizations Application

Student clubs and organizations are an extension of the academic curriculum and are intended to complement the instructional goals of University School.

One or more faculty or staff members will serve as sponsors of each club or organization and must attend all meetings. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to monitor the group and make recommendations concerning changes, continuance, or deletion from the school to the director.

The director shall approve all clubs and organizations within the school. Furthermore, all clubs and organizations must have an initial application on file in the director’s office. Information included in this application will include the club’s mission and purpose, requirements for participation, financial requirements, proposed meeting dates/times, and the name(s) of a faculty/staff sponsor(s). A list of elected officers and a roster of members must be submitted in a timely manner and updated yearly.

All fundraising must be requested by the club president in writing to the director. The director must approve all fundraising in advance.

Any restrictions for membership must be approved by the director. Secret organizations and clubs are prohibited.

Any initiation procedures must be authorized by the director. Hazing of a member or prospective member is strictly prohibited.

Religious clubs/organizations must be student led. No outside adult will lead or regularly attend club meetings. The school sponsor must be in attendance at all meetings but may not participate in club activities.

Announcements and club signage must be brought to the main office for approval prior to the posting in the front hallway on the first floor of University School. No other signs will be permitted on school grounds.

All school rules apply to all clubs and organizations.

bannerHoops for Heart / Jump Rope for Heart:  We are so proud of our elementary and middle school students!  They have shown true thoughtfulness for others by raising over $12,000.00 for the American Heart Association.  They took the challenge to help others by raising money but also they worked hard at improving their health by jumping rope and playing basketball.  They truly deserve a big shout out!  Jump for Heart (elementary grades), will be held on Friday, March 7th.  View photos for Hoops for Heart (middle grades).  Proud of our Caring Bucs!


Many thanks go to the students, parents, faculty and staff and ETSU volunteers who worked on Saturday at our Fall Beautification Day . Over 70 folks participated and many cleaning projects and sprucing up activities took place. The event was spearheaded by Kim Allison, Andrea Lowery, and Mahua Chakraborty and the Academic Support team who worked diligently to make it a success. It was also supported by the University School Foundation and the SGA. Plans are being discussed for a similar event during the spring and we hope that more of our University School community will participate. Again, thanks to all for their hard work and their commitment to University School. 
Dr. Doyle Brinson, Director. 


Thank you so much to all who participated and contributed to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life .  We raised $1,843.49

Raise Your Hand Tennessee is a statewide effort to recruit volunteers to read, tutor, and mentor children.  Anyone with passion and commitment can help children and youth succeed in school and in life.

Key Club:  Thank you to all who volunteered at the 2nd Harvest Food Bank!  Also, many thanks and congratulations go to all participating in Bracelet Sales.  We have raised over $1,000 for Threads of Hope!   

Thanks to all who packed a Gift-filled shoe box for a child overseas.  Your simple gift will make an eternal difference!!.  (Sponsored by Spanish Club)

Many thanks to all those who contributed to the Annual Second Harvest Student Food Drive!!  We collected almost  500 pounds of food!

University School and Clemmer College of Education Service Marathon was held on September 9th - October 5th.  Each student was requested to do at least one hour of service. 

*Current students are required to complete a senior capstone project—40 hours of community service will count. Community Service Hours Form.  Please see Ms. Shaw for more information