SGA - Student Government Association

Faculty Advisors:
Ms. Jessica Bragg and Ms. Heidi Campbell

SGA Delegates for 2015-2016 

President – Lexi Crouthers

Vice President – Gabriel Davis

12th grade rep – Olivia Ledford and Derek Nikolaus

11th grade rep – Frankie Cradic and Brayden White

10th grade rep – Ginni Sommich and Matt Loving

9th grade rep – Keaton Sant and Jeb Jones

banner Fall Formal:  University School Fall Formal will be on Saturday, November 21st, at the ETSU Culp Ballroom, from 8:00 - 11:00 p.m.  Students in grades 9-12 are invited to attend.  Dates from other schools are allowed but also must be in grades 9-12.  The cost is $10 single and  $15 for a couple if bought in advance.  Tickets are $15 single/$20 couple if bought at the door.

  Students are required to follow the Fall Formal Dress Code and will be required to sign the Fall Formal Behavior Contract prior to purchasing tickets.  See Dress Code and Behavior Contract below




Printable  Fall Formal Dress Code

Printable  Fall Formal Behavior Contract    

dress code 
behavior contract



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