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University School has over forty faculty members. There are six nationally board-certified teachers, more than any other school in the state of Tennessee.  The majority of the faculty have advanced degrees and three have doctorates.

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Name Position Email Web Page Instructor Schedule Instructor Vita
Ms. Allison, Kim Instructor Allison Page Allison Schedule Allison Vita

Ms. Bailiff, Gina  Instructor Bailiff Page Bailiff Schedule Bailiff Vita
Ms. Barnett, Kelli Instructor Barnett Page Barnett Schedule Barnett Vita
Ms. Bevan, Carol Ann Instructor Bevan Page Bevan Schedule Bevan Vita
Dr. Borden, Joseph Instructor Borden Page Borden Schedule Borden Vita
Ms. Bragg, Jessica Instructor Bragg Page Bragg Schedule Bragg Vita
Ms. Brickell, Noell Instructor Brickell Page Brickell Schedule Brickell Vita
Ms. Bridges, Sky Instructor Bridges Page Bridges Schedule Bridges Vita

Ms. Campbell, Heidi Instructor   Campbell Page Campbell Schedule Campbell Vita
Mr. Campbell, Roger Custodian   Staff Page     
Ms. Cantrill, Julia Instructor Cantrill Page Cantrill Schedule Cantrill Vita
Ms. Carter, Diedre Secretary Staff Page     
Ms. Chakraborty, Mahua Instructor Chakraborty Page Chakraborty Schedule Chakraborty Vita
Ms. Chirica, Bettina Instructor Chirica Page  Chirica Schedule  Chirica Vita 
Ms. Cradic, Sharon Instructor Cradic Page   Cradic Vita
Ms. Cromie, Pam Instructor Cromie Page Cromie Schedule Cromie Vita
Ms. Crow, Sarah Instructor Crow Page Crow Schedule Crow Vita
Ms. Curtis, Kim Cafeteria Manager Cafeteria Page     

Ms. Day, Ariane Interim Assistant Director Day Page Day Schedule Day Vita
Ms. Doran, Erin Instructor Doran Page Doran Schedule Doran Vita

Ms. Elkins, Sandra Instructional Aide Staff Page     
Ms. Erwin, Penny Webmaster P.Erwin Page    
Mr.  Erwin, Tim Instructor/Technology Coordinator T.Erwin Page Erwin Schedule Erwin Vita
Ms. Estes, Cindy Instructional Aide Staff Page    

Ms. Fulton, Virginia School Nurse Nurse Page    


Ms. Hammonds, Evelyn Instructor Hammonds Page Hammonds Schedule Hammonds Vita
Mr. Honeycutt, Dustin Account Clerk,
Athletic Director
Staff Page, Athletics Page    
Mr. Hudson, Cliff Safety Resource Officer Hudson Page    


Ms. Johnson, Kristen Borthwik Instructor Johnson Page Johnson Schedule Johnson Vita

Dr. Knechtel, Troy Director Knechtel Page    
Ms. Knight Terri Instructor Knight Page Knight Schedule Knight Vita

Ms. Lester, Lindsay Instructor    Lester Page Lester Schedule Lester Vita
Dr. Lewis, Angela Radford Interim Dean                             CCOE Administration page                               
Ms. Lowery, Andrea Instructor Lowery Page Lowery Schedule Lowery Vita
Ms. Malone, Amy Instructor Malone Page Malone Schedule Malone Vita
Ms. McGhee, Myra Instructional Aide Staff Page    
Ms. Myron, Mary Instructor Myron Page Myron Schedule Myron Vita


Mr. Penley, Justin Instructor Penley Page Penley Schedule Penley Vita
Mr. Petty, Josh Instructor Petty Page Petty Schedule Petty Vita
Ms. Pitts, Ellen Instructor Pitts Page Pitts Schedule Pitts Vita
Ms. Preswood, Erica Instructor Preswood Page Preswood Schedule Preswood Vita
Mr. Price, Rayne Instructor Price Page Price Schedule Price Vita

Ms. Rea, Dianna Executive Aide   Staff Page    
Ms. Robinson, Sandy Instructional Aide Staff Page    
Ms. Ross, Allyson Instructor Ross Page Ross Schedule Ross Vita

Ms. Shaw, Aleeta Counselor Shaw Page   Shaw Vita
Ms. Sims, April Instructor    Sims Page Sims Schedule Sims Vita
Mr. Smith, Samuel Instructor   Smith Page Smith Schedule Smith Vita
Ms. Squibb, Sharon Instructor Squibb Page Squibb Schedule Squibb Vita
Ms. Summey, Kimberly Instructor Summey Page Summey Schedule Summey Vita

Mr. Tadlock, Daniel Instructor Tadlock Page Tadlock Schedule Tadlock Vita
Ms. Taylor, Connie Cafeteria   Cafeteria Page    
Ms. Thomas, Chun Instructional Aide Staff Page    
Ms. Tipton, April Custodian Lead Worker Staff Page    
Mr. Tipton, Ronnie Cafeteria   Cafeteria Page    
Mr. Weems, Bryan Instructor Weems Page Weems Schedule Weems Vita

Ms. Ziglar, Holley           RTI                                         Ziglar Page            Ziglar Schedule    Ziglar Vita
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