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Zombie Night:  Auditions for the November musical " Zombie Night " will take place after school Monday-Thursday, August 24th-27th.  Sign up times will be posted outside Dr. Borden's room (010).  You may look over the scripts in the library.  You may listen to the music for the show by making arrangements with Dr. Borden.  There are 24 major parts plus chorus and zombies.  Any questions should be directed to Dr. Borden                     




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DATE                                       EVENT                                                                     TIME(S)                                   VENUE

Wonderful Performances at the Cabaret. Thank you, all.


August 24 – 28                     “Zombie Night” auditions                                    After School                          Room 010

Saturday Aug 29 Singers     All East Prep Clinic                                               8:30 AM – Noon                  Milligan College

September 4 & 5                 “101 Dalmatians” Perf.                                        7:30 PM                                 Gym

September 4 Singers           Deadline for All East Registration   

September 10 – 15               SC - Ga – Fla Chorus/Band Trip                                                                                 

Sat Sept 19  Singers            All East Auditions                                                 All Day                                 Heritage HS

Sat - Sun Oct 3 – 4 Singers  Men In Song                                                          Days                                     Milligan College

Tues Oct 13 (Singers)           Hospice Celebration of Life                                    Call: 6:30 PM (7 - 8 PM Perf.) Tetrick Funeral Home

Tues Nov 3  (Singers)            All East Screening                                                4:30 PM                              TBA

Nov 12 – 14                          “Zombie Night” Perf                                            7:30 PM                                 Gym

Thurs Dec 3                           Chorus Dec Concert                                            7:00 PM                              TBA

Mon Dec 7                            Instrumental Dec Concert                                  7:00 PM                                 TBA

Sat Jan 23   (Singers)           All State Screening                                              Noon                                  Farragut HS

March 4 – 5                          “Once Upon a Mattress” Perf                            7:30 PM                                 Gym

April 13 – 16  (Singers)         All State Choruses                                                                                    Opry Land Hotel, Nashville

Thurs Apr 21                         Chorus Spring Concert                                     7:00 PM                                 TBA

Thurs Apr 28                         Instrumental Spring Concert                              7:00 PM                                 TBA

May 19 – 21                          Spring Play(S)                                                 7:30 PM                                 Gym


Other Events Will Be Added as Dates Are Known

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