Contemporary Issues

Tentative Syllabus First Semester 2015 – 2016


                This document is a tentative syllabus for the State of Tennessee course "Contemporary Issues." It is a one semester course for a half of a credit.

                The course will guide students to define an issue and its many aspects. Students will objectively identify various facts and opinions about the issue.

                Students will also be guided to identify various ways in which arguments for and against certain issues are manipulated by different factions. These will include but are not limited to miss-use of statistics, miss-use of polls, demagoguery, false logic, generalized associations and miss-leading relationships presented as cause and effect.


                Issues identified by the state curriculum guide include:

CulturePatterns of discriminationTrends and controversies regarding modern medicine and human genetics.Ethical debates on internet usageIssues concerning modern print and visual media

EconomicsUnderstand the role of the stock market and the ethics of corporate handling of public investmentsAttitudes towards government revenues and expendituresPopular attitudes and governmental regulations concerning gambling and lotteries

GeographyUnderstand the current debates on environmental usage and protection issuesIdentify changing global and universal frontiers

Governance and CivicsIdentify types of legal statutes and penal code, and issues relative to their enforcementStudy the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the potential for civil disobedience and protest in society.

HistoryRecognize the impact of traumatic effects of destructive events on human society.Identify controversies created by differing interpretations of the Second Amendment.

Individuals, Groups and InteractionsIdentify various contemporary religious perspectives on social issuesRecognize current epidemic diseases and trends or approaches in dealing with terminal illness



                Students will present daily reports on the latest headlines, research on various identified current issues and demonstrate knowledge of sources of information as well as misinformation.

                Class participation, reports and tests will be used to calculate the student grade. The first quarter grade will be averaged equally with the second quarter grade for the semester/final grade for the course.

                There is no text for this course. Students will be expected to take detailed notes for reference. Daily perusal of the local newspapers, news magazines and other media will be used to identify current issues.

                Specific details on the assignments will be given during the course.

                Students are expected to follow all school policies and appropriate behavior in this class.

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