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(Note change to start time of December 3rd Concert)

DATE                                       EVENT                                                                     TIME(S)                                   VENUE

Tues Nov 3  (Singers)            All East Screening                                                4:30 PM                              TBA

Nov 1                                     Deadline to sign up for Senior Band and Orch clinic - see Dr. Borden

Nov 12 – 14                          “Zombie Night” Perf                                            7:30 PM                                 Gym

**Thurs Dec 3                           Chorus Dec Concert                                           6:00 PM                              TBA

Mon Dec 7                            Instrumental Dec Concert                                  7:00 PM                                 TBA

Dec Dec 11                            Deadline to sign up for Upper Area Junior Band and Orch clinics - see Dr. Borden

Sat Jan 23   (Singers)             All State Screening                                              Noon                                  Farragut HS

March 4 – 5                          “Once Upon a Mattress” Perf                            7:30 PM                                 Gym

April 13 – 16  (Singers)           All State Choruses                                                                                    Opry Land Hotel, Nashville

Thurs Apr 21                         Chorus Spring Concert                                     7:00 PM                                 TBA

Thurs Apr 28                         Instrumental Spring Concert                              7:00 PM                                 TBA

May 19 – 21                          Spring Play(S)                                                 7:30 PM                                 Gym



Other Events Will Be Added as Dates Are Known

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