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Class Work


  1. Introduction to course and syllabus 
  2. English Policies and Literary Terms
  3. Literary Terms Quizzes and Test schedule
Please have a composition book for tomorrow
  1. Introduction to daybooks
  2. Daybook
 Make sure Part 4 of class assignment is complete and ready to work with tomorrow
  1.  Review business letter format
  2. Review Sample Letters
  3. Complete your business letter rough draft
 Turn letter rough draft in on Monday
  1. Literary Terms Quiz:  acronym-caricature
  2. Complete your business letter rough draft and turn in by the end of the period
 Write an opening letter to your 7th grade letter buddy.  Due tomorrow.
  1. Daybook
  2. Begin analyzing the elements of the mystery story through my powerpoint.  Take notes on the handout provided.
Decide which mystery you might want to solve in your short story
  1. Grammar Brain Ticklers Set #1 in composition notebook
  2. Finish going over the mystery powerpoint--take notes on the handout provided
Read "The Case of the Ruined Roses"  and answer the questions at the end.  Be sure to explain how you figured it all out.
  1. Literary Terms Quiz:  dissonance-folklore
  2. Read "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Raold Dahl and complete the questions
  1. Grammar Set # 2 in composition notebook
  2. Turn in homework questions
  3. Writing conferences about letters
  1. Daybook
  2. Begin reading Witness For the Prosecution
  3. Work on Act I worksheet as we read.  Due when Act I is finished.
Work on Cause letter final draft and/or mystery short story rough draft
  1. Literary Terms Quiz:  monologue-poetry
  2. Daybook
  3. Continue reading Act I
 Final draft of Cause letters due tomorrow
  1. Cause Letters due.  Turn in:  a.  final draft; b.  rough draft with rubric attached; and c.  addressed and stamped envelope
  2. Daybook
  3. Finish reading Act I


complete your Act I questions
  1. Begin reading Act II and completing the Act II worksheet
Complete the Act II reading through Romaine's and Thomas Clegg's testimony
  1. Literary Terms Quiz:  simile-style
  2. work on mystery short story rough drafts
  3. Rough drafts due by the end of the period
  1. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda in your grammar compostition notebook
  2. Finish reading Act II
Complete the Act II handout for tomorrow
  1. Daybook
  2. Peer Edit on mystery short story rough drafts
Finish peer edits
  1. Literary Terms Test
  2. Turn in peer edits.  STaple them to the rough drafts.
  3. Read Act III
  1.  Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Writing to a Prompt:  The Ten Most Wanted
 Finish your writing.  Make sure it is legible and truthful.
  1. Turn in Most Wanted essay
  2. Title of story revision and Dialogue revision
  3. Daybook
study for Witness for the Prosecution final test tomorrow
  1. Final test on Witness for the Prosecution
  2. create a 10 Most Wanted Poster
  1. Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Work on final drafts of mystery stories in the computer lab
  1. Media Survey for Media Lit class
  2. Daybook
  3. Poetry terms to define
Poetry Survey
  1. Daybook
  2. Finish defining poetry terms
Complete the Speaker and Charater in poetry handout
  1. Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Subject/Verb Agreement review (answer MC questions in grammar composition notebook)
  3. Speaker and Character in Poetry discussion
  4. Mystery Short Stories due
  1. Daybook
  2. Short story contest
Subject/Verb Agreement Exercise 3 (check out for help)
  1. short story contest
  2. turn in homework
analyzing sound effects in poetry
  1. Literary Terms Quiz
  2. work in library on prison poets project
  1. Daybook
  2. Poetry analysis work/practice in class
poetry analysis handout
  1. Celebration of your knowledge of poetry analysis
  2. Group work 1:  poem mini presentations
  3. Group work 2:  prison poets poetry analysis
Prison poets project (presentations are on Monday)
  1. work in library computer lab on project presentations
  1.  Literary Terms Test
  2. Project Presentation
 Patterns packet
  1.  Finish project presentations
  2. Daybook
  3. Unfolding the poem "Patterns"
 finish the poem packet
  1. Daybook
  2. Unfolding the Poem "Patterns" discussion
  3. Daybook
Analyzing sound Imagery in "Making A Fist"
  1. Evaluating a fear poem from the list
  2. Writing your own fear poem
  1. Literary Terms Test
  2. Finishing your fear poem (due at end of period)
  3. Complete the grammar packet
  1. Daybook
  2. Grammar Composition Notebook:  You're Not Supposed to Say That and I Would Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  3. Poetry Slam
  4. Figurative Language Work
Metaphor Poem on a person you know
  1.  Daybook
  2. Grammar Day!!!  Work on packets and teach standards to classmates.
 Verb Tense Shift worksheet
  1. Daybook
  2. Rap Day--look at the history of rap and analyze the elements of the genre
Create your own rap titled one of the following:  My Future, My Life, My Advice to My Generation or My Advice to the Next Generation
  1. Daybook
  2. Langston Hughes versus Arrested Development
  1. Create your own rap titled one of the following:  My Future, My Life, My Advice to My Generation or My Advice to the Next Generation
  2. Comparison handout of "Ballad of the Landlord", "Mr. Landlord", and "Tennessee"
  1. Daybook
  2. Sharing of raps
  3. Carpe Diem and Pink Floyd lesson
  1. Create a parody of "Time" by Pink Floyd for extra credit
  1.  Daybook
  2. Turn in Carpe Diem handouts
  3. Poetry Unit Final Part One
  1. Daybooks due
  2. Poetry Unit Final Part Two

2nd Nine Weeks

  1. Daybooks
  2. Infinitives handout
finish Infinitives handout
  1. Oh, the Horror Powerpoint
  2. Daybook
Part I of the brainstorming powerpoint
  1. Furnace packet: go over part I and assign part 2 for homework
  2. Read "The Reaper's Image" by Stephen King
  1. Part 2 of the Furnace Packet
  2. Daybook
  1. PLAN test
  1. Answer the questions for "The Reaper's Image".  Turn handout back in when done.
  2. Daybook
  3. Read "Word Processor of the Gods"
Finish reading the story for class tomorrow
  1.  Finish "Word Processor of the Gods"
  2. Daybook
 Part 3 of Furnace Packet
  1.  Daybook
  2. Answer the questions for "Word Processor of the Gods"
  3. Diagram "The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands"--characterization focus
  1.  Daybook
  2. Answer questions for story
  3. Read "Uncle Otto's Truck"
 finish reading the story
  1.  Literary Terms Quiz--check your schedule
  2. King Story elements handout
 bring whatever you need to create your one-pager to class tomorrow
 10/15  Create your Stephen King one pagers  
 10/16  Create your Stephen King one pagers or work on your notes page for your essay test tomorrow  
  1.  Literary Terms Quiz--check your schedule
  2. Stephen King essay test
  3. Daybooks are due
  1. Computer lab working on monster webquest project
  2. Daybook
  1. Computer lab working on monster webquest project
  1. Literary Terms Quiz--check your  schedule
  2. Monster Webquest project group presentations
Furnace packet Parts 4 and 5
  1.  Final Monster presentation
  2. Daybook
  3. Read "Dracula's Guest"
 Furnace Packet #6

  3rd Nine Weeks

  4th Nine Weeks