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Class Work


  1. Introduction to course and syllabus 
  2. English Policies and Literary Terms
  3. Literary Terms Quizzes and Test schedule
Please have a composition book for tomorrow
  1. Introduction to daybooks
  2. Introduction to Administrative Letters Project instructions.
 Make sure the class assignment is complete and ready to work with Monday
  1.  Daybook
  2. Grammar Pretest
  1.  Adminstrative Letter Brainstorm
  2. Lit quiz Monday
  1. Literary Terms Quiz 1
  2. group work on letters
  1.  Rough draft group work (20 minutes)
  2. Mystery unit powerpoint
 Rough drafts due tomorrow
  1.  Daybook
  2. Grammar Review
 Read "Cardiac Arrest" and complete the question in your daybook
  1.  Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Finish Grammar Review
  3. Complete Set Five of Caughtya' Grammar
  1. Computer lab:  write the final draft of your letter to Dr. Knechtel and print off two copies.
  1. Daybook
  2. Brief Friday review
  3. Story Map for mystery storyDUE MONDAY, JULY 27TH
  4. Begin reading And Then There Were None

Follow the syllabus

  1.  Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Computer lab to work on 10 Most Wanted assignment
 Follow the syllabus and finish your 10 Most Wanted assignment
  1.  Turn in 10 Most Wanted
  2. Grammar Set 6
  3. And Then There Were None reading
 Daybook and see the syllabus reading assignment
  1.  Daybook
  2. And Then There Were None reading

 Reminders:  Vocabulary Test 1 and Literary terms quiz tomorrow

Reading on syllabus

  1. Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Vocabulary Test 1
  3. Daybooks due
  1.  Check your syllabus
  2. Don't forget your mystery story maps are due Monday!
  1.  Pick up daybooks and turn in story maps.
  2. Daybook
  3. Continue reading And Then There Were None
  1.  Check your syllabus
  1.  Caught'ya Grammar Set 7
  2. And Then There Were None
  1.  Handout about book
  2. Literary Terms Test tomorrow
  3. Murder Mystery game tomorrow
  1.  Literary Terms Test
  2. Daybook
  3. "Clue" the movie!!!
 7/30  Dr. Knechtel in class  study for test Monday
  1.  Novel Test
  2. Reminder:  Literary Terms Quiz tomorrow
  1.  Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Caught'ya Grammar Set 8
  3. Clue
 Cause Letter Rough Draft
  1.  Daybook
  2. Rough Draft Peer Edit
  3. "Clue"
 Have your Cause Letter Rough Draft in class tomorrow
 8/6  Computer lab to work on Cause Letters


  1. Daybooks are due tomorrow.
  2. Two copies of your cause letter and a self-addressed stamped envelope are due tomorrow.

Turn in:  daybooks, 2 copies of letter, self-addressed stamped letter, and letter rough draft

  1. Finish "Clue"
  2. Read "The Lady or the Tiger?" by Frank Stockton
Finish the story:  It should be at least one page handwritten and mirror the style of the story.
  1. Share your Lady or Tiger endings and turn in to Ms. Johnson
  2. Allusion Practice
  3. work on 10 Most Wanted Posters (due tomorrow)
Finish 10 Most Wanted Poster
  1. Turn in posters
  2. Computer lab--work on mystery story rough drafts
Rough drafts are due tomorrow
  1. Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Mystery Story Rough Drafts due by 3:15
  3. Daybook
  1. Caught'ya Grammar Set 9
  2. Keating and Your Verse
Caught'ya Grammar Set 10
  1. Grammar Composition notebooks due
  2. Theme Analysis of six poems (Group work in class)
  1. Literary Terms Quiz
  2. Grammar Quizzie One
  3. Directing Your Hand work
  1. Caughtya Grammar Set 11
  2. In computer lab with Ms. Knight. Begin work on PRison Poets Project
  1. Literary Terms Test
  2. Continue work on Prison Poets project
  1. Grammar Set 12
  2. Work in computer lab on Prison Poets Project:  presentations due on Monday
  1. No school for students!!!  Convocation Day for teachers.
  1. Daybook
  2. Prison Poets Presentations
  1.  Finish Prison Poets Presentations
  2. Work in computer lab on rough drafts.
  1. Complete ERCA Survey
  2. Self edit of new drafts:  Highlight all changes you made on the new draft and then proofread.
  3. Peer Edit:  Complete the peer edit handout--focus on content!!
  1. Literary Terms Test 3
  2. Finish peer edits if not completed
  3. Computer lab 308 to type final draft

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