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Directions:   Choose a different activity each night, Monday through Thursday, for your spelling and sight word homework.   Make sure your words are spelled correctly and take the time to practice reading each one.   You will turn in some kind of proof of homework each morning (practice sheets, parent signed notes, etc).   Please date your work.   Your spelling tests will be on Friday.


Spelling and Sight Word Homework Choices (One due daily, Monday through Thursday)

1.        ABC Order

Write all of your spelling words in alphabetical order (ABC )

2.        Write each word 5 times each.   Say the word each time you spell it.

3.      Silly Sentences

Write 3 or more sentences that use all of your words.

4.       Picture Words

Draw a picture and hide your words in the picture

5.        Shape Words









(or make them squares, circles, ovals, stars, etc)

6.        “Ransom” Words

“Write” your words by cutting letters out of a newspaper or magazine and gluing the letters on a piece of paper to spell your words.

7.      Rainbow Words

Write your words with colored pencils.   Make each letter a different color.

8.      Write a story, poem or song with words

Write a story, poem, or song with all of your words.   Underline the words you used.

9.        Use Technology

Type out your words on the computer


Ms. Noell's Grading Policy

First graders are assessed in the areas of personal and social development, literacy, math, social studies, and science.  In lieu of grades, a narrative report is prepared every quarter in which a student's individual progress is communicated along with information regarding benchmarks, expectations, and topics of inquiry.  Student work samples, photographs, anecdotal records, and other data are collected throughout the year for assessment purposes.