Weekly Newsletter


July 23, 2012

Hello Everyone. Happy Monday!


Last week we signed up for Share Days but we have not actually started formally sharing yet. Before we can start Share Days, we all have to show that we can be good listeners when someone else is talking just like we want them to listen to us when we are talking. We are still building and practicing the skill of listening to others. When we get a little bit better (hopefully by next week), then we will have formal sharing, but it's just not fair to the speakers to start sharing until we can all show good listening. We are working on it! I will let you know more information about Share Days once we are ready to begin.


Your child is bringing home a math review sheet today.  Please look over it and talk to your child about how s/he did. These sheets are completed on their own. Although first graders do not receive grades, I record their math review scores (how many they got right) to serve as ongoing assessment of their math skills and help me target kids who may need extra help. We go over these in class, but If your child missed questions, it would also be very helpful for you to go over it with them again at home. The extra reinforcement will go a long way, especially here in the beginning.


We are practicing writing our names using uppercase letters only at the beginning of our names. Practice sheets will be coming home nightly to work on this skill. Once your child begins to consistently write their name correctly on their work in class, I will relieve them of this "extra homework."


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and I look forward to another great week of learning!




July 20, 2012

Happy Friday First Grade Families!


This week, we finalized our rule making experience. We decided that 4 rules would be enough to cover all of our bases. They are:

Be safe

Be kind

Be fair

Work hard


We also finished up our first topic in math. Your child is bringing home a paper to introduce our next topic "Comparing and Ordering Numbers." There is a game on the back and I encourage you to play the math game at home. They are designed to practice skills we are working on in class and will help give your child some extra practice and reinforcement in a fun format.


Today we started working on Click N Kids. This is an internet-based phonics program we use to help build decoding skills for reading. You can log onto Click N Kids at home by clicking on the link below, entering the class username and password, and then clicking on your child's name. It is very important for your child to be able to hear when they are working on Click N Kids. If there is background noise going on, I would suggest using headphones as the purpose of these games are to hear and discriminate letter sounds. I encourage you to sit beside your child and be a supportive cheerleader in their efforts, but please do not give them the answers or let older siblings "help." The purpose of the program is to build skills so be careful about providing too much help. It will slow down their reading progress if they can't work through the program independently. Click N Kids at home is not a "have-to." Your child will have plenty of opportunities to work on it in class, but a lot of kids like doing it at home and get a little competitive about their progress (which is where we can get into the problem of too much help ). The linkand login information were emailed if you are interested.





We have had a very productive week. Enjoy your weekend!