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Sometimes in first grade, science just happens.  Take today for example.  We discovered caterpillars living in our mint leaves.   Who knew?  We also found a dead goldfish and fed it to the turtles.  Then we used the water from the turtle tank (with all of its natural fertilizer) to water our plants, which are providing habitat for our caterpillars.  The circle of life, right here in first grade.  None of this is official curriculum, or on “the test,”  but sometimes the best learning experiences aren’t.  We had a great day.   

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Congratulations to our Elementary students on their excellent performance of the "Daily Pledge" on WKPT.  Videos can be viewed on Grade Level Photo/video webpages on our school website as they become available in addition to the WKPT Website .  Proud of our Patriotic Bucs!!  Click on arrow to Play Video. Click on square box frame to view Full Screen