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Summer 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I trust you are having a relaxing summer break and are enjoying your time with your children. As you are aware we will begin the 1st quarter on July 10 with a full day of instruction. In preparation for the opening of school I need to let you know of some modifications to the student handbook that will have an impact on you and your student. The most significant area is in the student dress code. After several meetings with faculty, parent representatives and with input from student leadership, adjustments were made that we believe will bring more focus on our learning environment andminimize distractions related to administering the dress code while still maintaining fairness to our students, particularly at the middle and high school levels. The full dress code policy is posted below.  I encourage you to read it and let me know if you have any questions. For now, I will highlight a couple of areas of primary interest.

The first is in the length of shorts and skirts/dresses. Unfortunately, current fashion exhibits a style of shorts/dresses that is not appropriate in our judgment for the school environment. While it may be acceptable for informal activities outside of school, it is not acceptable in our environment. I have heard from parents who complain about the shorts and dresses not being long enough and I agree with them. Our adjusted dress code allows for shorts and dresses to be no shorter than 5 inches above the knee as measured by a 3x5 index card. Shorts cut higher than that will result in a call home to fix the problem. Repeated offenses carry stiffer consequences, but I firmly believe these can be avoided if the parents, students and school personnel respect the spirit of what we are doing.

The second adjustmentis in the area of appropriate jeans and/or pants. As you will see in the printeddress code, jeans with holes are allowed as long as the holes are at or below the knee. Sagging pants are not allowed. Also included in the modifications is that shirts and tops must have sleeves.

I ask that you read the policy in its entirety and contact us if you have any questions. Please pay particular attention to the first few statements as they provide the rationale for our dress code. Our focus is to provide a safe and orderly environment where we can teach your children with a minimum of distractions. We may not always agree on how to go about that, but the bottom line for each of us is to prepare your child for his/her future. I believe that together we can do just that.


Dr. Doyle Brinson, Director

University School


Printable Dress Code Document