Current Topic - World War II (Chapter 32)

4/2 Homework Questions

Battle of Britain

Chapter 32, pages 927-928


  1. What did the Germans do at the beginning of the Battle of Britain?
  2. What did the Germans change to on September 7, 1940?
  3. What 2 things helped turn the tide in the RAF’s favor and how did those things help?
  4. What was the positive result of those 2 things?
  5. Why did Hitler stop the Battle of Britain?
  6. What did he do instead?


6th period 4/1 Homework Questions

Write the question AND your answer.

In your textbook on pages 925 to 926, answer the following questions:

  1. What did Stalin do on September 17th?
  2. Which 3 countries fell without a struggle?
  3. Which country resisted?
  4. What was Stalin’s response to this resistance?
  5. How did that country respond?
  6. What was the final result?


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Study Resources

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