Imperialism Unit Project

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Current Topic - Imperialism

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Old World History Textbook Chapters (PDF Files)

Chapter 17 Chapter 22 Chapter 27 Chapter 32
Chapter 18 Chapter 23 Chapter 28 Chapter 33
Chapter 19 Chapter 24 Chapter 29 Chapter 34
Chapter 20 Chapter 25 Chapter 30 Chapter 35
Chapter 21 Chapter 26 Chapter 31 Chapter 36

Exam Review Materials

1st Semester

Review Guide


2nd Semester - these are review materials. You will receive the study guide in class.

Review Guide

Review PPT 1



Study Resources

World History Textbook Site - you can access chapter resources and practice quizzes (very easy but good practice) - these are practice quizzes and essays for the NY Regents Test but they are a great source for practice questions


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