Chemistry  help labs:   

Mon/ Wed/ Thurs  from 12.30pm- 1 pm



Chemistry Test on Formulas ; Ionic, Molecular, Acids and Bases  Monday Oct 19


Chemistry: Test on September 3. Chapter 7 and first two sections of chapter 8



Chemistry:  Test on Chapter 6 on Mon Aug 17. Lab notebooks due on Thursday Aug 13



Physics test postponed to Wed July 29.

AP Chemistry Test on Mon Aug 3.

Lab on Tues Aug 4.

Chemistry Test on Chapter 4 and 5 on Thurs Aug 6.




Chemistry: Test on Chapter 2 and 3 on Monday July 20 including significant figures, conversions.






Practice Test for Chemistry EOC: Go to the link and click on this to get additional practice for your EOC in CHEMISTRY





2012-2013 Practice

   Printable Practice Sheet for Chemistry - Limiting Reactant Practice Problems

  Printable Practice Problems in Stoichiometry


Test Preparation – Self Assessment  

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