Chemistry Test  Nov 13   Moles Conversion, Empirical and Molecular Formula and Percent Composition


Chemistry Formula test on Monday Oct 27 ( Ionic/ Molecular/ Acids / Bases)



Chemistry : Test on Thurs Oct 16  Chapter 8

Lab On Mon Oct 13 on Molecular Geometry



Chemistry: Test on Chapter 6 and 7 on Monday Sept 8


Chemistry: Project due Aug 21



Lab report due on Monday Aug 11.

Test on Chapter 4 and 5 on Thurs Aug 14


Chemistry lab on Chromatography Thursday July 17

Chemistry: Test on Monday July 28 on Chapters 2 and 3.








2012-2013 Practice

   Printable Practice Sheet for Chemistry - Limiting Reactant Practice Problems

  Printable Practice Problems in Stoichiometry


Test Preparation – Self Assessment