Date Assignment
Mon. July 28 DOL Set 3 1/2; Narrative prompt; BT work
Tues. July 29  BT Part four is due with character sheets; detail #1
Wed July 30 Pronoun test; Non-fiction article review due; BT Part four discussion; DOL 3 3/5
Thurs July 31 Book Thief and propaganda; Detail #2
Fri. Aug 1 BT Part five due with questions; DOL 3 paragraph

This week we will be having a pronoun test.  Students will have to identify the seven different types of pronouns. We have been studying these, and they should have them in their notebooks to study.


We are starting off the year by reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  The reading schedule is outlined below:

Part 4 (173-238) due Tuesday, July 29

Part 5 (241-303) due Friday, August 1

Part 6 (307-350) due Tuesday, August 5

Part 7 (353-403) due Tuesday, August 12

Part 8 (407-455) due Friday, August 15

Part 9 (459-493) due Tuesday, August 19

Part 10 (497-539) due Thursday, August 21

Epilogue (543-550) due Tuesday, August 26

For the different sections, the students will have different reading strategies.  These will be due on the day the readings are due.  Also, there will be quizzes over the readings as well.


Non-Fiction Work

Each week, the students will receive a non-fiction article.  They are to annotate the article and write a one-page reflection on the piece.  These pieces will be due each Wednesday.