Date Assignment
Mon. Oct. 5  Advice essay due; Read The Inspector General' Article of Week (Snapchat) due Monday, Oct. 12
Tues. Oct. 6 The Inspector General work
Wed  Oct. 7 Introduction to William Shakespeare
Thurs. Oct. 8 Shakespeare sonnet work
Fri. Oct. 9 Shakespeare sonnet work; DOL paragraph


Use it or lose it: Each Monday students will be given a handout for the week with various exercises to reinforce topics previously learned. They will be given class time on Mondays and Wednesdays to work on these exercises.  The sheet will be due each Friday.

Non-fiction Weekly Assignments: The article this week is on Snap Chap; a one page reflection is due Monday, Oct. 12.

Next week we will be reading A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.  We will be reading this play in class.  Students will have guided reading questions for the play.

Next week, students will be assigned to a novel group. This group will be responsible for reading a fiction book (of the group's choice) and ultimately presenting a presentation on the book. This book will be read outside of class.  The groups will use one day a week in class to discuss the book and work on the presentation.  Presentations will be due the middle of November.

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