Date Assignment
Mon. Aug 31 Book Thief Parts 9 due; DOL Set 3 paragraph; fragment and subject/verb review
Tues. Sept 1 Reflection due; Book Thief work; run-on/comma splice; subject/verb identification review
Wed  Sept 2 Sentence test
Thurs. Sept 3 Book Thief work
Fri. Sept 4 Book Thief Parts 10/epilogue due; review

 August 31-September 4: There will be no reflection or Use it to Lose it this week

Use it or lose it: Each Monday students will be given a handout for the week with various exercises to reinforce topics previously learned. They will be given class time on Mondays and Wednesdays to work on these exercises.  The sheet will be due each Friday.

Non-fiction Weekly Assignments: The article this week is on corruption in soccer; a one page reflection is due Tuesday, August 25.

The Book Thief -- We will be starting The Book Thief on Monday, August 10. This is a very interesting book that I think the students will enjoy.  However, it is 550 pages long and we have about four weeks to complete the novel.

Reading Schedule for The Book Thief

Prologue/Part 1 due August 13

Part 2/3 due August 18

Part 4 due August 20

Part 5/6 due August 24

Part 7/8 due August  28

Part 9 due August 31

Part 10/Epilogue due September 4

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