Date Assignment
Mon. Oct 20 To Kill A Mockingbird (TKAM) chapters 10-11 due with questions; DOL Set 7 8/2; PA/PN
Tues. Oct 21 Objects (direct/indirect) work
Wed  Oct 22 Non-fiction writing due; Courage activity; DOL 7 3/5
Thurs Oct 23 TKAM 12-14 due with questions; object review
Fri; Oct 24 DOL Set 8 paragraph

This nine weeks we will be reading To Kill A Mockingbird.  The majority of the grade for this nine weeks will come from work associated with this novel. Students will be expected to read about 10 pages a night.

The reading schedule is below:

Date Readings Due

Chapters (including questions and   vocabulary)

October 9 (Thursday)

Chapters 1-3

October 13 (Monday)

Chapters 4-6

October 16 (Thursday)

Chapter 7-9

October 20 (Monday)

Chapters 10-11 – End of Part One

October 23 (Thursday)

Chapters 12-14

October 27 (Monday)

Chapter 15-16

October 30 (Thursday)

Chapters 17-18

November 3 (Monday)

Chapters 19-22

November 6 (Thursday)

Chapters 23-26

November 10 (Monday)

Chapters 27-31




 In addition, this nine weeks we will be writing expository essays.

Non-Fiction Work

Each week, the students will receive a non-fiction article.  They are to annotate the article and write a one-page reflection on the piece.  These pieces will be due each Wednesday.