Date Assignment
Mon. Nov. 16 TN Ready essay analysis; work on MND; AOW for this week is on the use of Redskins -- due Mon. Nov. 23
Tues. Nov. 17 Introduction to poetry
Wed  Nov. 18 Intro to Poetry Outloud; Poetry and work on MND; find a poem to memorize for final
Thurs. Nov. 19 Poetry and MND work
Fri. Nov. 20 Final MND test and notebook due


Non-fiction Weekly Assignments: The article this week is on the controversy surrounding the use of word Redskins. Reflection is due Monday, Nov. 23

We will continue reading A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.  Students will be assigned to reading questions and vocabulary with each section of the play. They will also have journal topics and other activities. At the end of the play, the students will submit a notebook containing all this information. The notebook will have to be organized, neat, with a decorated front cover relating to the play. Please encourage your child to keep up with all of their work since organization seems to be an issues with some of the students. The final test will be Friday, November 20. The notebook will be due on this day.

The following journal prompts should be in the notebook:

Oct. 12 -- How do you act when you are around someone you love?

Oct. 19 --Do you think there could be a world of sprites and fairies – a world of other beings we can’t see – that affects our daily lives?

Have you ever had someone who bothers you and wants to be around you all the time? What do you do when you have repeatedly told this person to go away and this person refuses?

Oct. 22 -- What were your initial thoughts about the movie version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? How did it match your imagined version while we were reading it? Describe two things that stood out to you in the production. (Not 6th period)

Nov. 4 -- Paraphrase Turn to Act 3, Scene 2, lines 237-244 and paraphrase Helena’s reply to Hermia.  Remember with a paraphrase, you take each line and rewrite in modern language.

Nov. 11-- Trace a theme in the play in a well-developed paragraph.

A one-page typed movie review will also be in your notebook.  Here are some questions you might consider while writing your one page.

1. How well did the movie reflect the play? Any changes? How impact the play?

2. Were the actors as you would have imagined? Did their acting help/harm your interpretation of the play?

3. What is the purpose of the play within a play? How did the troupe add/detract from the movie?

4. Did the setting and costumes of the characters make sense to you?

5. Which of the characters do you like the best? Why?

 Notebook Requirements:

  • Table of Contents
  • Drama Notes
  • William Shakespeare Notes
  • Sonnet Notes
  • Journals (five of them)
  • Guided Reading Questions (answered in complete sentences)
  • Vocabulary (two sets: one for Acts I/II and one for Acts III-V)
  • Three-sentence summary of each scene of the play
  • One-page review of the movie version of the play
  • Handouts you received while reading the play -- Character map, Elizabethtan Terms, Act1.2 Analysis (about the players), Symbol/Conflict worksheet, and Theme/Dramatic irony worksheet (6th period only)

 You will submit these in the order as listed in a folder with page numbers in the upper right hand corner.  The page numbers will be listed in the Table of Contents. You will also include a cover page that will be a one-page design of the play.




This week's book talk will be moved to Monday, November 23, 2015. This is the final book talk and the final chance to go over presentation since presentations are due November 30.  Presentations will be November 30. All work associated with the book will be due November 30.

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