English I Syllabus

Instruction:  Evelyn Hammonds

Course Description


Contact Information

School 423-439-4271 or email: (the quickest way to reach me)

Course Description/Units of Study

This course will be divided into eight areas as outlined by the state curriculum.  Students will be expected to know and understand the material in each of the following areas:

·         Language – a study of grammar and vocabulary

·         Communication – a study of speaking and listening skills

·         Writing – a study of the writing process

·         Research – a study of the research process which involves completing a research project

·         Logic – a study of oral and written documents for persuasive devices

·         Information Text – a study of informational and technical texts

·         Media – a study of the media in various forms and the media’s ability to inform, persuade, and entertain

·         Literature – a study of world literature and the various genres (poetry, novel, short stories, drama, and essay).  Some of the texts used in this class include: Lord of the Flies, The Killer Angels, Gathering Blue, Tuesdays With Morrie, House on Mango Street, And Then There Were None, Rules of the Road, Cold Sassy Tree, The Hobbit, A Separate Peace, Romeo and Juliet, and Odyssey.

Course Requirements

Students will need the following materials for this class:

·         Three-ring binder with four dividers (labeled DOL/Journal/WOD; Notes; and Daily Work)

·         College-ruled notebook paper

·         Pens and pencils

Text Information

For this class we will be using the following texts:

·         Mirrors and Windows, Level Four, EMC Publishing.

·         Elements of Grammar, Third Course, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.

·         Write Source, Houghton Mifflin Company



Grading Procedures

The high school will use the following grading scale:

A = 93-100       D = 70-74

B = 85-92         F = 0-69

C = 75-84     

The following percentages will be used to determine grades:

·         15 percent – Cooperation and participation

·         35 percent – Daily grades

·         50 percent – Major tests, projects, writing

At the end of the year, there will be a state End-of-Course examination and it will count 25 percent of the student’s spring semester grade.

Class Expectations

Students are expected to follow the University School rules as outlined in the student handbook as well as the English Department rules for this class.  Specific rules for are as follows.

·         Bring a positive attitude.

·         Be respectful to the teacher as well as other students.

·         Be on time for class.

·         Be prepared for class.  You will not be allowed to return to your locker once class begins.

·         Be an active listener and always participate in classroom activities.

·         Complete all assignments.  In order for you to be successful in this class, you will be expected to complete all homework and class assignments. 

Homework/Late Work Policy

There will be homework for this class on a regular basis.  It will mostly involve writing and reading.  You are expected to complete all homework assignments.  According to the University School’s high school English Department policies, late work turned in one day after the original due date can earn up to 75 percent.  Work turned in up to one week late can earn up to 50 percent.  Please see the attached English Department Policy Guidelines for further information.

Extra Assistance

I will be available every day before or after school for any questions or concerns.  I am usually here in the afternoons until 4:00 and am always willing to offer extra help.  Please take advantage of this opportunity if you need it.

Parents, please feel free to contact me at any time.  I look forward to having a successful and fun year!


I have read the syllabus and the English Department policies.  I understand the information presented and will abide by the rules.


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