Assignments - AP English 11


Date Assignment
Oct. 5 Mon Satire work; Mark Twain
Oct. 6 Tues Satire work -- A Modest Proposal
Oct. 7 Wed A modest Proposal work; questions due Thursday
Oct. 8 Thurs A Modest Proposal discussion; A Modest Proposal assignment
Oct. 9 Fri Argument of week article assigned; due Friday, Oct. 16.

This nine weeks we will be writing weekly arguments based from Articles of the Week.  Each Friday, students will be given an article to read, annotate, and then write an argumentative response to the article. Arguments must be one page typed or two pages written.

This nine weeks we will be working on the writing an argumentative essay. We will begin each class with a prompt and students will be making a pro/con chart.  These prompts will be due each week. 

Ella Minnow Pea Reading Schedule

Pages 1-70 due Oct. 5

Pages 71-140 due Oct. 12

Pages 141 till end due Oct. 19

Students will be submitting a one page reflection on their readings.  The only requirement is they can not use the outlawed letters. 







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