Assignments - AP English 11


Date Assignment
Feb. 23 Mon Harry Potter interpretations; Intro to Tuesdays with Morrie
Feb. 24 Tues Innocent Eye Test; readings on television
Feb. 25 Wed Readings on television
Feb. 26 Thurs TCAP writing assessment
Feb. 27 Fri Tuesdays with Morrie; two reflections due on book plus two discussion questions due

This nine weeks we will be working with synthesis essays

Starting this nine weeks, you will have a vocabulary quiz every three days with a test every four quizzes (or 20 words). The schedule is:

Oct. 9 quiz:

Alliteration                  Allusion           Anaphora                    Anecdote         Antimetabole

Oct. 13 quiz

Antithesis                    Aphorism         Apostrophe                  Asyndeton       Polysyndeton

Oct. 16 quiz

Balanced sentence      Loose sentence             Periodic sentence     Abstract language       Anticlimax

Oct. 20 quiz

Bombast                      Didactic           Euphemism                 Metonymy       Oxymoron

Oct. 22 Voc. Test

Oct. 27 quiz

Ad hominem argument/attack           begging the question              either/or fallacy                      false analogy                           pathetic fallacy

Oct. 30 quiz

Inductive reasoning                            deductive reasoning               post hoc, ergo propter hoc     red herring                              straw man      

Nov. 3 quiz

Bias                             Caricature       Connotation                Denotation      Ellipsis

Nov. 6 quiz

Epigraph          Expository writing       Atmosphere                Paradox           Parody

Nov 10 Voc. Test

Nov. 13 quiz

Antecedent                  Clause                         Predicate Adjective    

Predicate Nominative                                     Subordinate (dependent) Clause

Nov. 17 quiz

Synesthesia                 Verisimilitude             Colloquial/colloquialism                     Polemic                       Semantics

Nov. 20 quiz

Equivocation               Invective          Inverted Syntax           Juxtaposition               Meiosis

Nov. 24 quiz

Parallelism                  Pedantic          Persona                       Personification            Parable

Dec. 3 Voc Test