Assignments - AP English 11


Date Assignment
Aug 25 Mon Annie Dillard discussion; look at essays
Aug 26 Tues SL Chapters9-16 due; SL discussion
Aug 27 Wed Look at speeches
Aug 28 Thurs Look at speeches
Aug 29 Fri In-class essay

This nine weeks we will be working with rhetorical analysis. We will also be reading The Scarlet Letter.

Each week you will have a journal due on Fridays.  This is a chance for you to practice writing in different styles. You may choose a topic provided or choose your own.

Fiction book assignment due

Scarlet Letter:

Chapters 1-8 due Aug 19

Chapters 9-17 due August 26

Chapters 18-end due September 2 -- the three parts with the reading are due Sept. 2