Policy for High School English Department             


1. All assignments are due on the date designated by the teacher. Assignments turned in up to one week late will receive a score of no higher than a 70.  Late work will not be accepted more than one week late.  An assignment turned in on the due date but after the class period is also considered late and will receive a score of no higher than a 70. Only a hard copy of the assignment will be accepted. Just bringing a jump drive to class does not constitute a hard copy and neither does sending the teacher an email with an attachment.  Students should make prior arrangements to avoid computer glitches if a word processing program is used.

A student with an excused absence has one extra day for each day absent to turn in missing assignments. Full credit will be awarded for excused assignments turned in within the time limit. Missing assignments or assignments turned in past the deadlines will receive no credit.

2. Due dates for any assignment that encompasses a week or longer are absolute. For sequential assignments, all parts must be completed in order to receive any credit.


3. Tests, quizzes, and any other make-up work may only be completed on the day the teacher announces. Unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon by your teacher, any work not made up will receive a grade of zero.


4. It is your responsibility to turn in late work and make arrangements to make up any tests or quizzes. Your teacher will not interrupt class to ask for late assignments or to schedule a time for you to make up a test.  

5. Students may not go to lockers to get paper, writing utensils, texts, assignments or other materials needed for class.

6. If an assignment is illegible due to handwriting or color of ink, the paper will be returned to the student ungraded and he or she will have one day from the day the paper is returned to rewrite or type the assignment and turn it in for full credit.


7. Each assignment completed must follow the individual English teacher’s requirements for the proper heading.  At the least, the work must have the student’s name, and date that the work was turned in to the teacher. Ten points will be deducted from the assignment if any information is missing.