10/6                  EXPLORE Test- No Assignments 
 10/7  Research Early Settlements: Watauga & Cumberland
 10/8                                                                                NONE
 10/9  Read Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, and Mayflower Compact
 10/10  Articles of Confederation- Graphic Organizer



Date Assignment
 10/13  None
 10/14  None
 10/15                            I Am a Federalist/Anti-Federalist Essay
 10/16  Bill of Rights Outline- Quiz on Tuesday
 10/17  How a Bill Becomes a Law



Date Assignment
 10/20                         Essay- Individual vs. Group Rights
 10/21  None
 10/22  None
 10/23  None
 10/24  Field Trip- Diary of Anne Frank @ Milligan- No Homework



Date Assignment
 10/27    None- Test Thursday
 10/28  Study Guide
 10/29          Study AGAIN
 10/30  None
 10/31  No School- Teacher In-Service



Date Assignment
Date                 Assignment                                                                                                                                                               
Date                Assignment