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A New Year has Begun Newsletter!



Hello families!


 We had an excellent first day here at University School. We got to see some old friends, make some new friends, and learn a little bit more about one another. Switching classes was exciting. We certainly have some kinks to work out on how to do it more smoothly, but overall we couldn’t ask for a better first day at The Academy!


 A few things to clarify that some may not have seen in the newsletter that was sent home…




  1. Fifth grade will still stay in the hall and dismiss with the elementary students out the side-door (as they have in years prior). Older siblings may come and get them, but they must stay with their sibling after that. Hopefully this spring we can readdress the issue and just have everyone go out front once they’re ready for the added responsibility/expectations.
  2. Sixth grade will be out front, over by the elementary car line with Mrs. Lester. You may choose to pull up in the front of the school or in the elementary line. We will wait until you car gets close before we send your child to you. So, try to pull as far forward as possible.
  3. Everyone must be picked up by either a sibling or a parent/guardian by 3:15. At 3:16 any remaining Academy students will be sent to the office to call or sent to After School Care. They will have to stay in the office/front hall until you arrive.




We are trying to make dismissal as safe and efficient as possible. It is not safe to leave 10/11 year olds out front on a high school/college campus without adult supervision and at 3:15 all adults leave their duty stations.




Please try to have all supplies by Friday. I’ve attached the supply list to this message for those that did not get one in the mail. If you didn’t get one, you might want to check with the office to see if they have your correct address.




Our recess time is scheduled at the same time as high school lunch (due to the beginning band schedule) which means we will always have recess on the side yard where there are no play structures. I went and got a soccer ball and a football, but we’d love some recess equipment if you’ve got some lying around that you aren’t using. Jump ropes, Frisbees, hula hoops, kick balls... Whatever you’ve got we will take and appreciate!!


 Have a great night! Something tells me this is going to be an incredible year of learning...




Hello families,

I hope you are enjoying the last few precious days of break! When students return we are in the final stretch! Your kids are just 9 short weeks away from middle school and I'm going to do my best to make sure they are as prepared as possible. Please clean out backpacks and folders (keeping notes, please) and refresh pencil pouches with pencils, lead, pens, and erasers. Let's start this last quarter off right!


A few things of which you need to make note:


Extra Credit Corrections: On the extra credit packet there were a few errors on the answer key. A lesson for me to double/triple check things that are done right before break! I sincerely apologize for any hair-pulling that may have occurred due to the errors. Hopefully your child tried them a few times and then moved on. The following changes should have been made.
#1. 7 1/12
#2. 11 11/56
#13. 10 11/12
#18. 18
#42. 33.64
Again, I am very sorry for the mix-up. I changed some of the problems this year and neglected to change the answer key. Packets are due
Tuesday for those that would like to take advantage of this opportunity.


Tripod Survey: You will be getting a flier that explains this more in detail, but your student will be taking what is essentially a satisfaction survey this quarter. It will address teaching practices as well as the classroom climate. All answers will be completely anonymous and there will be no way for myself or administrators to trace responses back to an individual student. The results of that survey will be used as 5% of my professional evaluation. I, of course, want students to answer honestly so that I might improve as an educator, but I also want the students to take this survey seriously. Now is not the time to mention the utter lack of MineCraft time in class. The results do not affect them, but they do affect me. Please take the time to read the flier with more information on it which should be coming home next week.


Alumni-Reunion Weekend: Many of you are University School graduates or have older children that have already completed their time here at UH. There is an All-Class Reunion weekend planned for April 11-12. There will be many activities, some of which involve your kids. This is a HUGE fundraising opportunity for our school. The major initiative at the moment is improving the safety of our school; classroom doors that lock without having to enter the hallway, outside door security, and general monitoring capabilities. You can imagine that in a 100 year old building, we currently don't have many of the modern safety devices that are unfortunately necessary. Please visit THIS website for more information.


Camp Explore: Your calendars should already be marked, but if they're not please do so. We will be at Camp Explore from Wednesday, May 21st through Friday, May 23rd. Students with dance or sport conflicts are going to have to make a choice before we leave. Students may not come and go from camp. It's a tough conversation to have, but having it now will make it easier when the trip time comes. I have yet to get the confirmed cost, but it should be around $120 for students and $70 for chaperones.


I think it's okay if you start doing your "no more snow" dances now. I think we've had enough! Please enjoy your last few days of break and I will see you on Monday!



We made it!


Just a few things to wrap-up before Spring Break can officially begin.
Extra Credit Opportunity: I have sent home a math packet with each student that can be completed and turned in for extra credit in math for the 4th quarter. I've also attached it to this e-mail. In the attachment you'll find the answer document. I'm hoping you will use this document judiciously to make sure that your child is on the right track. They must turn in all organized scratch in order to get the extra credit. It is optional, but I highly recommend finding the time.
Mulan: Come and see Mulan! The students have been working so hard on Mulan and the time has come for an audience. I know it means so much to see familiar faces in the crowd. Shows are tonight and tomorrow night at 7PM. I hope you can come. Tickets will be for sale at the door.
Report Cards: Report cards should be available to print off of Parent Connect by Wednesday of next week. They are not mailed out so it is up to you to log-on to check all grades! I believe while grades are being finalized your view will go blank. So, check back if the grades have not been processed yet.
Spring Cleaning: Please include backpacks on the list of things for Spring Cleaning! Some are chock-full of graded work. Please make sure that no notes or notebooks are thrown away. Students should know what is important. Re-fill pencil pouches so we can start next quarter off with a (well organized and well supplied) bang!


We had a great Jump 4 Heart day and I'm so impressed with how hard everyone worked today! Have a wonderful and safe break!




Hello families,


To say that the snow days have us in a time-crunch would be the understatement of the year. We are really pressed for time and we are going to have to keep moving on with much of the curricula in order to be prepared for the TCAPs and for 6th grade. Things in math (in particular) will be moving much faster and if your child is lost please have them come to afterschool math help on Wednesdays. Ms. Hamilton (my student teacher) and I will both be here on Wednesday afternoons from 3:15-4:00 to answer any questions they might have or go over things that might still be stressing them out. Even if they cannot attend math help, encourage them to speak up in class if they would like extra help or something clarified. I swear the only time I can get all 22 students to be silent is if I ask, "Does anyone have a question?" Ms. Hamilton, Ms. Kelly (my GA) and I are monitoring and assisting very closely during math time, but the three of us can't help everyone at every moment. OH, how I wish we could!


Jump 4 Heart is being rescheduled, but we do not have the exact date/time yet. Please send in the money forms so that Ms. Cradic can hand out prizes.


Upcoming Assessments:
We will be having the math CRA (Constructed Response Assessment) sometime soon. It was supposed to be this week, but the materials have been delayed. So, we'll have to let you know as soon as it comes in.
Wordly Wise: Test will be tomorrow.
Spelling: Test will be on Friday (as usual)
Math Quiz: We will be taking a little math quiz tomorrow on order of operations so that we can move forward with our algebra unit of study. It will include only whole numbers and fractions. Sorry for the late notice, but we've been working on this for quite some time. I would just like to see where we stand so we can move forward.


We have lost the luxury of extra time -- so buckle up! Here we go!!



Dear Families,


What a strange January that was! I love a good snow day as much as the students (if not more), but I'm ready to get back to normal. Missing 5 days has made us have to keep pushing ahead even harder to be sure that we're ready for the TCAP and CRA assessments that are waiting for us just on the other side of Spring Break. Studying should be a nightly activity.


As always, here are a few things of which you need to be made aware:


Jump for Heart: We will be over at Brook's Gym next Friday, February 14th for the annual Jump for Heart fundraiser. This will be their last J4Y before these students graduate on to middle school! Please come and volunteer. Ms. Cradic will not have her usual college class students as helpers so we need you! Even if you can't stay the whole time your presence and help will be appreciated! If you have any questions you can e-mail Ms. Cradic at
Writing TCAP: We will have the official writing TCAP on this Thursday from 9-11:30. For the first time ever, it is computerized so we will be in the computer lab. Please make sure your child comes well rested, with their glasses (if necessary), and well fed.
Valentine's Day: Since we are having Jump for Heart on Valentine's Day we will have a very small celebration at the end of the day. Your child does not have to bring Valentine's cards, but if they choose to participate please be sure to include everyone. I've attached the class roster to this e-mail for you to print and use. Any special gifts above and beyond cards need to be exchanged outside of school time.
Absences: There is a fresh wave of sickness going around our classroom and many students have been out. I certainly do not want students to come to class ill (especially with a fever), but please remind them that upon return they are responsible to catch up on all learning that occurred in their absence (assessments, notes, homework, and classwork). If you see an "M" in the grade book it means that assignment has not been turned in. All "M"s will turn to zeros after the allotted time according to the student handbook.


Thank you very much for all your help and support this year so far!
Have a great week!



Dear Families,


We're chugging right along in class and I'm really seeing such vast improvements, especially in math! We have really come SO far. Keep it up! (Keep working on math multiplication facts!!)
We have a few things going on at University School.


Camp Explore: I mentioned in my last e-mail about Camp Explore being from May 21-23rd. A few have asked me how much it will cost so they can start saving/planning ahead. Last year camp cost about $120 and it probably will be right around that same cost +/- a few dollars.


Blood Drive: There will be a Blood Drive in the University School Gym on Thursday, February 6th, from 11:45 am — 4:15 pm. Give Life, Give Hope! You can set up an appointment at or call Ms. Sharon Cradic at 439-4361.


Yearbooks: It is hard to believe, but it is time to start thinking about the 2013/2014 Buccaneer! The deadline for ordering yearbooks is February 28th, 2014. See Journalism Web page for More Information


Parents, please take a minute to review our Schedule Change Policy: University School will close if Johnson City Schools close for inclement weather. University School will also close for inclement weather if ETSU is closed. Our local News Station provides Mobile Alerts to notify you if our school has a delay or closing. Please see information on how to Sign Up for Mobile Alerts. We recommend that you sign up for both Johnson City Schools, code JOHNSONCIT1, and also East Tennessee State University, code EASTTENNES. Closings or delays will also be posted on our School Website when possible.


** IF by some chance the weather predicted for tonight/tomorrow morning causes a cancellation, the math test will be moved to Thursday and the Science test will be on Friday**


There will be No School on Monday, January 20th, in observance of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday


Our classroom is in need of a few things that you might be able to provide.
Scotch tape
Dust Mop
Pencil Sharpener (Heavy Duty/Classroom)
Colored Computer Paper
Dry Erase Makers


Donations will be welcomed with open arms and a huge smile. Thank you in advance!!


Have a great week!



Dear Families,


Remember me?? Welcome back and welcome to 2014! I cannot believe that the holidays are behind us, but I'm ready for life to get back into the normal routine. This is a VERY busy time of year. We have limited time to cover a LOT of curriculum before the TCAPs, April 28-30th. We are going to be aggressively moving towards mastery of all material before that point.


Winter weather seems to have come on with vengeance and I'm not sure how long it will stick around before we're back in the 60s, but please note that I am from the north where we were mandated to take the kids outside as long as it was above 10°F. Now, I won't do that to my dear southern-blooded students, but we will be going outside for recess as long as it is above 32°F which is the policy followed by child-care and school facilities in Tennessee. In whatever way is possible to monitor a 10/11 year-old and his/her clothing (I can only imagine it isn't easy), please remind your child to dress properly for the weather we are expecting, not just for the run from the car to the building.


There are a few things to do that will best help your child be prepared for returning to school.
Clean out the backpacks and binders! Don't throw away notes, but any graded work should be out of folders/binders and stay at home.
Replenish school supplies! Students should come to school every day with their planner, pencil pouch, 2-3 pencils, 1 pen, lead, and notebooks. Before break MANY students were out of pencils/lead and colored pens and completely demolished my classroom supply. So, please make sure they are coming to school prepared.
Schedule! One of the benefits of the year-round calendar is the breaks, but it can also be the hardest part for students. It is so hard to be on any semblance of a schedule over break and I find that students that transition fastest back to the rigor of school are those that get back to a regular schedule as soon as possible.
This semester is your child's last semester in elementary school! I have been working closely with the 6th grade team to try to use this time to prepare the students as much as possible to make a smooth transition into middle school. In order to do this a few things are going to change.


1. Conduct Point System
We have already been using the Conduct Slips, but the frequency of when they are handed out will be changing. Your child will receive a verbal warning when he/she fails to meet one of the class rules/expectations or University School Conduct Policies. If this warning fails, he/she will receive a conduct slip. Every conduct slip must be taken home and signed by a parent or guardian. This is simply to signify parent notification. Each conduct slip will result in loss of recess time.


Repeated conduct slips will result in a parent/teacher conference/communication with the potential to be referred to the office for disciplinary action. Repeat offenses may lead the student to miss out on class experiences such as field trips.
Invitations to Camp Explore are sent based on behavior and effort. If your child would like to attend but has had issues in the first semester, please reiterate (as I have) that not every student will be attending camp. If I cannot trust that they will listen, be respectful, follow directions, and be a good ambassador of University School based on classroom observations, then they will not be invited.


2. Grading/Testing Policy


Students will be given the opportunity to re-take tests and quizzes if a score of less than 75% is earned. The two scores will be averaged for a maximum score of 75%. This is a change from first semester's 80% minimum.


Homework is due the day after it has been assigned (as always). One day late will now be an automatic 60%, and after that the assignment is a 0 and cannot be made up. Students will have the ability to make up the homework during recess for partial credit.


If the student has been absent he/she will receive a day for each day missed to complete all missed work. Students are responsible for copying down missed notes, checking on missed homework assignments on the homework calendar and a classwork list should be waiting for them on their desk. After the given make-up time has expired, no make-up work will be accepted and the score will be recorded as 0%.


I will continue to do math help-sessions this semester on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:00 starting next Wednesday. At these sessions we can go over homework, problems from class, or previous material with which the student wants extra help. Behavior and attention at help-sessions is expected to be exceptional. Any less than that and the student may be told not to attend any further sessions.




Having taught sixth grade, I know that the transition is a very difficult one for the parents as much as it is for the students. Please let me know if you have questions. I'm here to try to make this as smooth (and painless) as possible.


Upcoming Assessment:
Wednesday, January 15th- Math TEST (Multiplying Fractions Unit)
Thursday, January 16th- Solar System TEST (study guide is attached)
Friday, January 17th- Wordly Wise TEST
Monday, February 3rd- TCAP Writing TEST


Buckle Up! Here we go!



Hello families,


The elementary school has a case of lice and I wanted you to be aware. I've done a brief check and I think we're all clear, but you might want to do it again this evening just to be sure. Thank you!



Dear Families,


Wow, it's already October? I can't believe it! We have a very busy month or two coming up. Mark your calendars and get ready! As always, here's a few things you need to know.


CRA: Tomorrow we will be taking the first of three Constructed Response Assessments (CRA) in math. This is something that comes along with our new Common Core Standards. The students took a few last year, but so far we are still in the pilot phase where they do not "count" in the same way the TCAP counts towards final grades. The CRA is different in a few ways. This test is not multiple choice. Students are to solve, model, and explain mathematical concepts. It is possible to get partial credit for problems where the wrong answer was found as long as students show all work, explain their thinking, and draw a model to represent what they did. On the opposite side, if a student gets the correct answer, but shows no work, models, or thinking they will only get partial credit as well.
Skating Field Trip: Permission slips went home last week. The trip will be on October 31st at Johnson City Family Skate Center. The cost is $1.00. 5th Grade will be skating from 11-2:15. You are welcome to come and join us for the fun! Permission slips and fee should be returned ASAP. No costumes should be worn.
Survey: University School has begun the process for the SACs accreditation review that all schools must go through every few years. Part of this process includes surveys. Your student will be taking a survey this week to gather student input and parents can take a survey at the following site. We hope to have a high percentage of parents participating!
Scrapbooks: Students should be well on their way with the scrapbook projects. If they are not, please start now.
Graded/Missing Work: We have had a lot of illness recently in our room and it has caused a number of students to be out sick. Students MUST make up all work from when they are absent; both classwork and homework. Many students have numerous zeros in the gradebook which is destroying their class average. I sent home a missing assignments sheet on Friday with those students that this most affected. You can look on Parent Connect to see all missing assignments.
Boxtops: Please turn in all Boxtops by this Friday! Every penny earned goes right back to this classroom to help pay for supplies, treats, and so much more. Every dime is appreciated!
Picture Re-take Day- Picture re-takes will be on November 5th for those that we absent or those that would like a second chance to perfect that million-dollar smile.
Reminder- No school on November 1st!


Have a great week!



Graded work is coming home!


Please empty folders and backpacks and review all materials.





I hope that you all had a wonderful break filled with rest and exciting journeys. From the stories I heard today, it certainly sounds like you did! We're back and jumping in the deep end and getting off to a great start. We have a few things going on of which you need to be aware.


Social Studies Scrapbook Project: Prior to break a packet was sent home explaining the Civil War Scrapbook Project. This is a major project which will involve research. However, I'm giving 6 ½ weeks (9 ½ if you count break) so it is not something that should be left to the last minute. Obviously I expect parents to be involved, but please allow your child to be the one doing the work. As Frederick Douglass said, "... if there is no struggle there is no progress." Guide them because these research and time-management skills will be rewarded in middle school (and beyond). The project is due on Friday, November 15th. I've attached all necessary documents to this e-mail. The "templates" attached are suggestions. If your child has a creative idea on how to do the storyboard differently, that is fine as long as it meets the criterion.
A few helpful tips that I've heard/learned from years prior:
Read the rubrics for each part of the project before beginning it. Once you've finished a section, go back to the rubric and see if you have included everything to get full points.
The appearance of the scrapbook is important, but it is not as important as the content. Don't focus so much on making it pretty that the content is diminished.
Include a bibliography.
Don't spend major $$$$$. You can if the Spirit moves you, but it's not necessary.
Focus on one component of the project each week. Take the last few days to refine and pull it all together so you don't stress out all at once.
Wikipedia is not a credible source. You can start there, but check out their sources at the bottom of the page and find one that is credible.
This is expected to sound like something written by a well-researched 5th grader. Not a college graduate. I can tell the difference.
Ask questions as they come up! I'll be happy to answer them. I'll be less happy to answer them on November 14th...
The best scrapbooks I've seen have been by kids that have really made it their own. It can be such a rich learning experience or a very stressful "activity to get done" depending on the effort and time put into it.


Math Help: I will begin holding Math Help on Wednesdays starting next week. Math help will run from 3:15-4:00. Any student is welcome to attend, but those that do are expected to behave and be engaged. Usually we begin with homework help and then move on to practicing the skills we're working on in class. Please arrange for a ride to come at 4:00 and just pull up to the front of the school. We can see you and I'll send them down. If a sibling is picking them up, please instruct them to come to the classroom. I'll walk down any after-school care kids.


Yearbooks: Yearbooks are currently on sale! Please go HERE to read about how to go about ordering one. They do not order extras for those that forget. So do it now!


Book Order: Book orders are going home tomorrow. They are due back on the 16th of this month. Help our class earn books from Scholatic!


Assessments: Yes, we still have those...
Tuesday, October 8th- Math Test: All four operations with decimals
We finished this unit prior to break, but did not have (what I felt to be) enough practice time. We will be reviewing today, tomorrow, and Monday to prepare.


Have a great weekend!



Graded work is going home!


Please check backpacks for very important information. 4th Grade TCAP scores are in a manila envelope and conference forms are in while envelopes.


August 28, 2013
Cookie Dough Pick Up!
Thursday, August 29th
in the gym!


August 14, 2013

Hello Families!


Time is really flying by! We're already past the half-way mark of the first quarter. We have a few important things going on of which you need to be made aware.


Bowling Field Trip: We will be bowling on Wednesday, August 28th. Permission slips should be returned as soon as possible with the $2.50 fee. Parents are welcome to join us (and bowl for free)! The elementary students go in shifts. 4th and 5th grades will bowl from 12:15-1:30. Meet us at Holiday Lanes and have fun!
Progress Reports: Progress reports were sent home yesterday. There was a blue cover page that needs to be signed and returned to me. Some have noted that they have not received their Parent Connect password yet. Until the glitch is fixed with Washington County, you need to pop into the University School office with an ID to receive your password. I cannot access these passwords to send home for you.
Change in School Calendar: This announcement was posted to our school website- please note this schedule change for this school year. There will be no school on Professional Development Days! University School, with the permission of the Tennessee Department of Education, has established the following dates for Professional Development for its faculty and staff: August 30, 2013, November 1, 2013, January 31, 2014, and April 25, 2014. Students will not be in school those days. These days are required Professional Development days for faculty and staff. This is an approved use of our banked days created by the lengthened school day. Please mark your calendars!
Early Dismissal: We have had an alarming amount of students getting checked out early. One day last week I ended the day with 16 students! I understand that emergency situations arise, but please try to avoid this if at all possible. We learn until 3:00 every day and making up work without having had the lesson has been proving to be very challenging for many of the students.
Mega Party: Students are already asking about it! The Mega Party will be on Friday, September 6th. I know any time you can volunteer to help would be greatly appreciated. If we don't have enough parent supervision certain inflatables/activities will be unavailable to the kids. If you would like to help please e-mail Lisa Houston at
Upcoming Assessments:
Spelling: Lesson 3- Friday, August 16th
Social Studies: Government- Tuesday, August 21st (study guide attached to this e-mail)
*All corrected Math and Science tests are due by this Friday or the original grade becomes final*


August 8, 2013

Hello Families!


We are having such fun learning this year. We have a continued focus on personal responsibility and trying to be a role model to our classmates and to our school. I am very impressed with how many of the students have really taken this to heart and have strived for excellence in academics and behavior every day. Keep it up!!


We have a lot going on in school and I want you to be on the same page.


Lock Down Drills: As part of a focus on improving the safety and security of University School we will be conducting "Code Red" lock down drills with assistance from Officer Hudson and the ETSU Campus Police Officers. We had a class discussion about the procedures today (turn off lights, close curtains, lock doors, and quietly hide) and I was impressed at their wild and varied imaginations. The "what if" questions were endless and I tried to be as reassuring as possible that this is just a drill and that the reason we are practicing this is so that we can have the peace-of-mind of knowing that we have a plan if it were ever needed. If you would re-assure your child of the same that would be helpful. We want these drills to be taken seriously, but I don't want anyone to feel anxious or upset about the process.
Gradebook: There has been a delay in getting you all the Parent Connect passwords from Washington County. We at University School do not want you to be in the dark about your child's grades and progress, so the office will be handing out Parent Connect passwords tomorrow (Thursday) from 7:30-1:00PM and 2:30-6:00PM. You must come in to the office with an ID to get the information.
Book Orders: Our classroom participates in Scholastic Book Club each month. Please read the attached notice to learn more about the book orders. There is no obligation to purchase, but every purchase directly helps our classroom library by earning us point to use towards books. Every order is appreciated!
Social Studies: After we complete our government unit in about a week(-ish) we will be moving on to geography. Students will be expected to learn the location and postal abbreviation of all 50 states (in addition to a focus on Tennessee geography). This geography unit is only a few weeks long so the sooner they can get a jump start on it the better! I have some great games on my Portaportal site (Guest Access: JANAITIS) and I know there are great apps you can download on phones and tablets for practice. Start now and reduce stress later! North Dakota never moves. It just takes memorization and practice (and patience).
Friday, August 9 Reading (Wordly Wise Lesson 2 Test)
Monday, August 12 Math *Changed from Tuesday* (All of place value)
Tuesday, August 13 Science *Changed from Monday* (Cells and Photosynthesis)- A study guide is attached to this e-mail.


Have a great (rainy) Wednesday!


July 29, 2013

Hello families!


Just a few things going on here at University School of which you need to be made aware.
There will be a Social Studies quiz this Friday just on the Bill of Rights. Tomorrow there will be a math quiz (announced last week). Tonight's homework covers all material that will be on the quiz.
Your passwords and log-in information should be e-mailed to you this week so that you can access Parent Connect. Check your spam file to make sure it didn't get blocked.
Girls on the Run forms are going home today! If your daughter is interested the information on how to register is included in the brochure coming home today. It is first come, first serve. So, please sign-up quickly if you want your daughter involved with this great program.
This is our first week with a challenge spelling list. If your child got a 90% or better on the pre-test today they were given a separate spelling list for the week. They do not have to complete the workbook pages for this week's lesson. Their homework is at the bottom of the challenge list. That is what will be checked daily and those words will be the words assessed on Friday.


Thank you all so much for taking a little time last week to pop in during Open House. It was great to meet some new families as well as see familiar faces from years past. Keep sending in the "apple tree" supplies whenever you get them! Thank you so much for your generosity.


For the next week or two we will be focusing on the following.


Math Place Value Through Millionths
Three Forms: Word, Standard, and Expanded
Rounding and Ordering Decimals
Reading Making Connections and Plot Structure
Science Plant Cells and Photosynthesis
Social Studies Government- The Constitution and Bill of Rights
Language Arts Writing using descriptive language.
Subjects and Predicates


Have a great week!


July 23, 2013

Hello 5th Grade Families!


I think I finally have the last of the registration forms and so we're ready to go! Welcome to the fifth grade! The last year of elementary school! You made it! We have had a fabulous start to the school year. Hopefully your child has come home and told you all about the learning going on in our classroom so far! We have had great examples of role models and we will continue to have that focus throughout the school year. We need to be an example for others in our classroom, University School, and UH to follow. I will be sending out e-mails such as this that outline upcoming events at University School on a regular basis. I usually think in list format, so that's the best way I can communicate.


Open House: Please stop by Thursday night for Open House! It is a an open schedule so you can visit all of your kids' teachers without appointment. It will be from 6-7:45. You will not be allowed in the hallways until 6 so please do not arrive too early (and I will not be here).
Book Fair: The Backyard Book Fair will be this Wednesday-Friday. It will be open during Open House as well. Please stop by and take a look at the great books that are available!
Grade book: We are going to be using Parent Connect this year for the on-line grade-book program. Washington County has been using this system for many years so some of you may have experience with it. It will be a way to monitor your child's grades, assignments, and receive e-mail notifications for late/missing/failing grades. The program is only useful if you use it though! Hopefully we will have passwords and usernames ready soon so you can log-on and keep in touch with your child's academic performance. WARNING: You will be prompted to change your password when you first log-in to Parent Connect. From that point on I will no longer be able to help you with log-in information. That is maintained through Washington County.
Fundraiser: We had the kick-off event for our cookie dough sales last Friday! We are excited to sell-sell-sell! Last year we raised enough to purchase a new computer lab which is AWESOME! This year we hope to retrofit the stage in the gym so that we can have school performances in-house (now that we have A/C too)J. Sell! Sell! Sell! They have until next Friday to take orders. No money should be collected yet.
Hygiene: Oh the joys of getting older! We have growing bodies in our classroom and it is hot outside and we have P.E. in the morning. Please encourage your child to include deodorant in their morning hygiene routine. We are rather... aromatic (?) in the mornings when we return to class and after recess in the afternoons.
Studying: We had a quiz on Plant Cells last week and we had VERY mixed results. Figuring out how best to study takes some practice and some trial and error. Some can learn with flashcards while others might need to recite their notes out loud. No one-way is best for every child. Please, help guide your child through this process. Studying may be new to them and some think that the fact that they thought about the cell for a few minutes counts as studying. With five subject areas, there will almost always be a test or quiz on the horizon to be studying. We will have a re-test on the Animal Cell this Friday. The original quiz was sent home with a bright blue paper attached if you would like to check out your child's original score. The scores will be averaged together for a new grade.


Other assessments coming up:
Friday: Wordly Wise Lesson 1 Test
Math: Whole Number Place Value Quiz on Tuesday (7/30)- 3 forms, Place vs. Value, and Rounding/Estimating


I hope to see you all on Thursday night at Open House!