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Amy Malone

Goal: To foster creative thinking and help every student achieve his/her highest potential in mathematics

• Equations, Inequalities, and Mathematical Models
• Functions and Graphs
• Polynomial and Rational Functions
• Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
• Trigonometric Functions
• Systems of Equations and Inequalities
• Conic Sections
• Sequences

Materials: (Bring to class every day)
• 3 ring binder (suggested sections - notes, homework, quizzes/tests)
• Pencil(s) with eraser – work completed in ink will not be accepted
• RED ink pen for checking work
• Paper (regular notebook paper and graph paper)
• Calculator (TI-84 graphing calculator is recommended)

Classroom Policies
• Arrive on time to class or get a tardy note from the office.
• Only ask to use the restroom during the last few minutes of class.
• Do not bring food or drink (except water) into the classroom. Chewing gum must stay in your mouth (no bubbles or stretching) or you will be asked to put it in the garbage.
• Do not use fragrance in the classroom. This includes lotion, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and cologne. Use these products before coming into the classroom.
• Do not use electronic devices (cell phones, mp3s, cameras, kindles, etc.) or headphones in the classroom at any time.
• Come to class each day with all materials. Do not expect to borrow classroom materials from the teacher.
• Sit in the seat assigned by the teacher.

Math Lab: MWTh 12:00 – 12:30 or 12:35 – 1:00 in room LC1 (come during your assigned study hall)
• Lab is limited to 6 students each day.
• The purpose of math lab is not to complete today's homework assignment. Math lab is for extra help when a student is absent or behind.

Homework/Notebook: (approximately 20% of each quarter grade)
• Homework
o Will be assigned daily, checked at the beginning of the next class, and taken up for a grade
o In order to receive full credit, students must complete all assigned problems with any processes shown clearly and completely.
o Late work will be given 70% credit at most and will not be accepted after one week past its original due date.
o If a student has an excused absence, missed work is expected within three days of the student's return to school in order to be accepted. Please see me if you have an extended absence (more than 2 consecutive days.)
o Papers without names will not be graded.
• Notebook
o Will be taken up once per quarter
o Grade will be based on completed notes and reflection questions
Quizzes/Tests: (approximately 80% of each quarter grade)
• Quizzes
o Will cover a small amount of material (one or two sections)
o Will not take the entire class period
o Will be given approximately once per week
• Tests
o Will cover several sections or a whole chapter
o Will be given a full class period to complete (students will not be allowed more than 55 minutes to complete any test including makeups)
o Will always be given on Tuesday or Friday
o Will usually be announced at least 2 days in advance
o Must be taken in the testing lab on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday in room 305.
o Since students will be given a maximum of 55 minutes to complete a test, students should plan to report directly to the testing lab at 12:00 with their lunch. (Students may bring their lunch from home or purchase from the cafeteria.) Extended time will NOT be given, so plan accordingly.

Final Grade:
• 1st semester grade
o 1st quarter – 40%
o 2nd quarter – 40%
o Semester exam – 20%
• 2nd semester grade
o 1st quarter – 40%
o 2nd quarter – 40%
o Semester exam – 20%
• Final Grade
o 1st semester – 50%
o 2nd semester – 50%