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November 10, 2014

October 28, 2014

July 14, 2014


November 10, 2014


Dear K-Kid Families,

Thanksgiving is on the way quickly!  Our trip to Doak House was a huge success and the K-Kids learned a lot.  We are playing with toys from long ago and studying about the first Thanksgiving. FYI on the Wednesday before thanksgiving we have an early dismissal at 11:00.  That morning Myra, Meghann and I will be making pancakes for the K-Kids.  They will use their own home made butter! J  Just like long ago.

In math we are working with adding and using the correct symbols.  In science we are beginning to discuss what animals do at this time of the year in preparation for the cold weather.  We are charting the weather and looking at the clouds to predict what might happen. Social studies of course is all about long ago and Thanksgiving.  In all subjects we are reading and writing. J

We are sending home a Scholastic Book order today.  Lots of good selections…and I want to let you know for your budgeting purposes we are having a Book Fair in the Library on November 17 for a week. It is Scholastic as well but will have different books. As before, if you wish to order from the form sent home today please fill in the order blank, send a check made payable to Scholastic and DUE BY THURSDAY, November 13th.

We are low on snacks EXCEPT WE HAVE A LOT OF GOLDFISH! J


Thanks for all you do.  J