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December 8, 2014

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December 8, 2014


Dear K-Kid Families,

This week, even though we are VERY excited, we will be reviewing ordinal numbers as we count days on the calendar and reviewing part-part-whole operations with single digits.  We will continue with our writing and reading journals. We have been charting the birds who have visited our bird feeder…oh yes and that little squirrel as well. We are looking at the animal behaviors with the coming winter.

 Coming up in the new year we will be exploring the question “What changes in winter?”  We will work with degrees Fahrenheit and freezing, ice on roads and sidewalks, foods we eat in the cold weather, lots of fun topics.

Our Winter Wonderland Party is this Friday on our half-day (dismissal at 11:00).  If you have generously volunteered to bring in supplies for this event please have them here by Thursday so I will know what I may need to shop for Thursday night. Thank you for your help!! If you have a special winter craft you would like to share with the class just let me know. J

Look for your child’s Progress Report to arrive next week via email.  If you do not receive it next week please notify me.  If you would like a conference please notify me and we will set a time for after break. 

Have a wonderful, blissful holiday break.  J