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March 2, 2015

Hello K-Kid Families,

We have arrived at our last week of school for the quarter!  It went by too quickly…and the snow weeks did not help.  We are going to TRY to have our Chinese Lunch this Friday.  We do have a bus –re-scheduled so please be sure to turn in your permission slip and money for our trip by Wednesday.  We cannot take your child without them.  It can also serve as our celebration for the end of the quarter.

Please also send in the Box Tops that you have collected. They will be collected this week.

We will be sending home Vacation Journals…please help your child to be responsible by completing this assignment….bring the Journal back on the first day.

Please keep your children engaged in reading, writing and adding and subtracting “real” things with single digit numbers, counting and writing numbers. Do not do this like a lesson each day instead doing real things…like writing in their Journals, counting how many apples will be left after everyone in the family has one…just everyday real activities. It is FUN! Go exploring, discovering, experiencing together. J

Your K-Kids have really learned a lot even with the days off for snow.  We will be assessing for Progress Reports this week.  The reports will be emailed to you next week.  As always, if you have questions please email me.  I will try to address your question from out of town or we can set up a time for a conference. 

Reminders:   Re-enrollment forms and money are due by tomorrow!

Reminders:  If you want a Yearbook please send in $30 check and order for one.