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April 7, 2014

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April 7, 2014


Dear K-Kid Families,

            Again, thank you so much for working with your child over break to complete their Vacation Journal assignment. We have really enjoyed reading their entries. J We are expanding in growing in our abilities to write. We consistently write two sentences each a day and more at times. We look at sentence structure and the mechanics. We do use K-kid spelling but that is ok because it helps them to focus on the sounds of the letters and in turn helps with reading. Reading is another area where they have bloomed like little flowers…we are so proud!

            We have been reviewing a little in math and then we will be graphing things as well as problem solving with addition and subtraction. Exciting stuff!

            In science we are exploring the changes that happen in spring. We have already been out with the digital cameras to find changes outside. We have also discovered that robins are back as well as others. We have learned that the birds are building nests and laying eggs. To further explore this concept we are dying eggs (not real eggs…but one they can keep) bird egg colors. We are going to work on making model nests out of clay. We will be observing actually chicken eggs hatch when Mary Colvett brings some in from her farm. So much learning and excitement!

            Please be sure to come on Saturday and enjoy the event (paper enclosed today with this letter).

            Our last K-Kid Dinner will be n May 8th at 6:00. I know this is an early announcement but I want you to put it on your calendars!

            Please use the attached book order to enrich your child’s library or to buy gifts! It is due back by Monday, April 14th. Please make checks payable to Scholastic. Thank you.