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July 14, 2014



July 14, 2014

Dear K-Kid Families,

We have had a great start to our Kindergarten year!  This week we will continue to learn how to come together as a community by establishing the rules for our classroom.  We will continue to learn about our Five Character Words: Respectful, Caring, Responsible, Fair and Trustworthy and what they look like in school. We will also work in our Pictionaries, Handwriting Without Tears, language arts and math, science, and social studies and discovery.  We will be busy!!

Below is a list of reminders and some dates to remember:

Please send in your child’s supplies.  We are beginning to use them. If you are having trouble with this please let me know.

Snacks:  Just once a month please send in a snack that can be shared with all for one day (no fresh strawberries please – allergies.)

Lunch: If you would like your child to have a hot lunch you can easily send in a check made out to University School for any amount you want to establish an account with the cafeteria. This is all handled by Angie Tipton who is the Cafeteria Manager. 

            Ice Cream is available for K-Kids ONLY ON FRIDAY and costs and extra 50 to 75 cents.

            If your child is bringing a lunch from home please remember that there four classes        eating lunch at the same time so if you want your child to heat food in the microwave            the line can get long as they wait for their turn.

Our School Calendar has changed so we are sending home today a new copy…it is also posted on our School Webpage.

Please notice: Open House for K-8 will be on July 24th 6:00 – 7:30

            August 8th  Teacher Development Day: students will not come to school

Absences: If your child is absent or tardy you are required to go to the main office and obtain an Admittance Slip before coming to class.

We are learning about each other and would very much appreciate a family photo from you. These will be displayed in the classroom so that your child may proudly share their family.  You can email these to me if that is easier for you.  The pictures will be returned at the end of the year.

Ways to Help: Please send in: paper towel tubes, empty SMALL boxes, the small BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION on many items like cereal boxes, etc., ribbon scraps. J