August 3, 2015


Dear K-Kid Families,

            I can’t believe that it is already August.  Your K-Kids are learning a lot and most importantly they are coming together as a family of learners.  J  Sharing, taking turns, having to listen and follow directions…these are huge for a large group but they are learning quickly. You should be very proud. J

            Thank you for sending in the environmental print for our boards…we are only lacking N, R, X, and Y items so if you spy something send it in please. 

            We put up pictures of our families each year so please send in a family photo…doesn’t have to be fancy.  You can email me one and I will print it off.  This helps our K-Kid family in being able to know all their extended families!

            We have another Professional Day on Friday August 21st so be aware that school will be closed that day.

            Thank you so much for all that you do. 



July 20, 2015


Dear K-Kid Families,

We had a super first full week of school.  Wow..your K-kids accomplished a lot.  They look forward to showing several of their Journals at Open House this Thursday.  The University School Foundation will open at 5:30  with introductions and then you will be dismissed to come to the classroom. We are looking forward to having you. J

I have a lot of things to share with you so I am just going to list those below in no particular order of importance.

ICE CREAM on Fridays.  The K-Kids can get their ice cream after they have had their lunch.

We have started Share Days.  Your K-Kid has selected ONE day of the week to bring a share.  See listing below.  Shares WILL NOT be played with…too easy for things to be broken.  They serve as an opportunity for your child to show and talk about something that is meaningful to them.  J

Several of you have not received emails from me…although happily your spouses have.  I will be looking into this during the week…either a typo on my part or my not being able to read writing.

As you probably have heard – or maybe not – we are working with the alphabet.  Some of the curriculum at the beginning is a review for a few…and when this is the case we add some extra challenge.  In math we are sorting, classifying, counting; writing numbers, talking about more than-less than and equal to.

We could use you help with our Environmental Alphabet Board.  We will need two or three small logos from places that are very familiar to children: i.e. Pal’s; McDonalds; Earthfare, etc.  PLEASE share some old magazines with us to cut up and find words that begin with the letters we are focusing on.  Old magazines like southern Living, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, etc.

Thank you so much for bringing in snacks, etc.  They are hungry little kiddos!






Natalie, Maya, Avery, Meredith, Cooper



Elliott, A.J., Isla, Lexie, Ava



Shane, Joshua, Finley, Anton



Gabriella, Owen, Lucas



Mattie, Mille


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