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January 20, 2015

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January 20, 2015


Dear K-Kid Families,

            Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.  You do have another one coming up on January 30th. J  Speaking of upcoming events:

            I emailed you last week about out VERY SPECIAL FREE Basketball game on February 2nd.

            In the month of February of course we have Hoops for Hearts (notice coming home today with this letter) and on the same day we will have Valentine Party (more information coming on this as we get closer).

            Also in the month of February we will celebrate the Chinese New Year with a parade on the 19th.  We will be arranging a field trip to the Chinese restaurant for lunch as well.  J

            We are continuing with counting by 2s and 10s and reading the thermometer.  We used thermometers to discover the temperature of water in cups (some hot and some cold).  We also made and ate chicken soup with alphabet noodles.  This week we will be making the hot chocolate.  As we have these adventures we are reading and writing about them.  We have added to our sight word list again with more new words (attached).  The K-Kids read these words in context not in isolation and…this is a working list …not one which they have mastered yet. They enjoy their readers and get excited when they see a sight word and can read it.

            Thank you so much for the call for help on snacks.  What we need now is 5oz cups! J

We are asking also for some outgrown clothes that might fit a K-Kid (including underwear).  Occasionally K-Kid get busy and forget to go to the restroom fast enough! J  We do keep some here but need some girls’ things especially.

            Thank you for all you do.