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May 11, 2015


Dear K-Kid Families,

The K-Kids and I just figured out that we only have 13 ½ days left!  I want to let you know of up-coming events and opportunities to volunteer.  J 

Monday, May 18th the Elementary Talent Show at 1:00 pm

Friday, May 22nd Field Day:  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS for the events

Wednesday, May 27th Willow Springs Park for the day: Come and join us.

Friday, May 29th HALF DAY: Pancake Breakfast.  Sign-up sheet will be available later for bringing

            Breakfast items...come and join us.


Each K-Kid is writing a book about their Kindergarten year so we are daily taking a trip down memory lane.  They have grown so much. J  Our garden is planted and we await progress…there is some growth which is exciting.

We still need some items to get through the rest of the year…paper towels and snacks. Thank you.




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