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This website provides a  wealth of resources, including homework workbook pages, lesson tutorial videos, additional practice, enrichment activities, as well as textbook pages.

Actual assignments may vary slightly- Students are required to write all daily assignments in their planner/agenda as outlined on the classroom board.

Please remember to show your work on all assignments.

"When in doubt, show your work!" Mrs. Fernandez 

* Extra-credit option for each nine-week grading period will be your Quiz/Test Data sheets

Discovery- Must be completed for designated lessons and kept as a section in your Math binder.

Assignment Guide

 **** The following assignments are an outline of the content that will be covered. If you are absent, you will need to complete the assignments listed here. However, in class we will not necessarily complete all of these problems, and other information may be presented. We may also complete group activities not listed here. Make sure to copy another student's agenda when you return from an absence for the most up-to-date information.

3/30: Grade and discuss p. 688-689, discuss Countdown to TCAP weeks 1-10 (make sure to justify all answers), complete 12-1 Solving 2-Step Equations, p. 696-699, HW: finish 698-699

3/31: 12-2 Solving Multi-Step Equations, p. 700-703, HW: WB 12-2 both

4/1: Complete discussion of Multi-Step Equations, p. 702-703, HW: Countdown to TCAP weeks 11-14 (make sure to justify all answers)

4/2: 12-3 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides, p. 704-707, HW: WB 12-3 both

4/6: Complete discussion of 12-3, HW: Countdown to TCAP weeks 15-19 (make sure to justify all answers)

4/7: p. 708 Quiz, Complete discussion of 12-3,  HW: Countdown to TCAP 20-24 (make sure to justify all answers)

4/8: Grade and discuss Countdown to TCAP and grade p. 708, (various weeks 12-18) HW: Pretest packet 1-20, make sure to justify (available in the online textbook under additional practice)make sure to justify

4/9: Grade and discuss Countdown to TCAP (various weeks) HW: Pretest packet 21-40

4/10: STAR testing, HW: finish pretest packet, make sure to justify

4/13: Discuss TN curriculum review packet, HW: TN curriculum objectives review  packet 

4/14: Grade Pretest, HW: box-and whisker worksheet

4/15: Discuss pretest packet, HW: box-and whisker worksheet

4/16: TN curriculum objective review, HW: EP 29

4/17: Practice TCAP, HW: worksheet

4/20: Finish discussion of box-and-whisker, Discuss Practice TCAP, HW: 2-step equations worksheet

4/21: TCAP discussions, HW: post-test 20 questions, test corrections

4/22: TCAP review, HW: post-test next 20 questions

4/23: Grade 1-20 on Post-test, TCAP review, HW: finish post-test

4/24: Teacher Workday

4/27: Inequalities worksheet, Grade and discuss Post- test packet, HW: study for TCAP

4/28 through 4/30: TCAP Testing, Reading, Math, Science

4/30:(Agenda Check on 4/29) 12-4  Inequalities by Multiplying and Dividing, p. 710-713

5/1: complete 12-4 Inequalities p. 710-713, and begin 12-5 12-5 Solving Inequalities by Adding and Subtracting, p. 714-717, HW: WB 12-4 both

5/4: 12-5 Solving Inequalities by Adding and Subtracting, p. 714-717, begin 12-6 Solving Inequalities by Multiplying and Dividing, p. 718-721, HW: WB 12-5

5/5: 12-6 Solving Inequalities by Multiplying and Dividing, p. 718-721, HW: WB 12-6 both

5/6: 12-7 Solving Multi-step Inequalities, p. 722-725, HW: WB 12-7 both

5/7: Continue Discussion of 12-7 Multi-Step Inequalities, p. 722-725, HW: finish classwork

5/8: Complete discussion of 12-7, HW: p. 726-727

5/11: Grade and discuss p. 726-727, with p. 728, HW: p. 732-733

5/12: p. 734, Complete discussion of Chapter 12, HW: p. 735

5/13: Altered schedule due to 8th grade field-trip, Chapter 12 Assessment, p. 736-737, justify all answers

5/14: Altered schedule, Algebra Placement Tests, no homework

5/15: 8-1 Building Blocks of Geometry, p. 448-451, 8-2 Classifying Angles, p. 454-457, HW: review for final

5/18: finish 8-2 Classifying Angles, Begin 8-3 Line and Angle Relationship, p. 460-463, HW: review for final

5/19: Grade and discuss p. 736-737, discuss 8-1 to 8-3, HW: review for final

5/20: Extra Credit Due7th grade Final

5/21: p. 466, 8-4 Properties of Circles, p. 468-471

5/22: Classifying Polygons, p. 474-477

5/25: Memorial Day

5/26: Dollywood

5/27: Talent Show

5/28: Field Day

5/29: Awards, 1/2 day
























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