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The following web resources can support supervisors, principals and teachers in improving classroom instruction and student learning. Some of these web sites include performance videos of classroom teaching, some are correlated to the domains and indicators of the T.E.A.M. teacher evaluation framework and some provide sample lesson plans or content resources for planning lessons. Many are aligned with Tennessee standards or Common Core State Standards.

This list will be continuously updated with additional web sites of interest to Tennessee educators. If you are aware of sites that should be added to this list, please share them with Cecilia Schmidt, Battelle for Kids School Improvement Specialist, at .

Resources that Include Video Clips that Model Lessons or Concepts

  1. www.tapsystem.org         

    In the training modules: One module for each domain. Under the domain, the performance indicator number on the evaluation rubric matches the training module number in the list of contents. Some provide a beginner module and an expert module. The video library includes lessons by subject-area and grade-level.

  2. www.edutopia.org/teacher-development

    Includes information and videos around teacher development and a link to resources related to Schools that Work and resources for each of the four grade bands.

  3. www.tnelc.org

    “ELC Presents” Effective Practice Series: 45 podcasts focused on nine instructional strategies included in the teacher evaluation indicators. Presentations are relevant to all grade-levels. Access to the podcasts is through iTunesU. “ELC Presents” and “Educator Resources” are the primary links for evaluation-related videos.

  4. www.pubs.cde.ca.qov/tcsii/index.aspx

    Includes some of the T.E.A.M. teacher evaluation indicators as well as clips with good conversation starters.

  5. www.ReadTennessee.org

    The “Teacher Toolkit” section of the web site connects users with materials available through reading and language arts resource networks. It also provides research-based resources for reading and other areas of English language arts instruction as well as family engagement strategies.


Resources for Curriculum and Instructional Support Materials

  1. www.BattelleforKids.org/Tennessse

    Statewide access to Battelle for Kids’ professional development, online learning and resources designed to accelerate Tennessee K—12 public school districts’ efforts to increase student progress and achievement statewide as part of First to the Top

  2. http://dww.ed.qov/

    Resources and information to translate research-based practices into practical tools to improve classroom instruction

  3. www.ct.qov/cen/cwp

    Extensive list of resources for content support

  4. www.ncte.org

    Resources and links to additional support for the teaching of literacy, communication and language arts

  5. www.nctm.org/resources/content

    Print resources for instruction

  6. www.parcconiine.org/classroom

    PARCC’s (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) goal is to provide guidance and support that will help teachers bring the Common Core State Standards to life in their classrooms. This section will contain a number of different tools over time to support educators in their efforts to provide students with a first class education.

  7. www.sas.com

    SAS® provides hosted or on-site solutions to the K—12 market, including curriculum resources, schooling-effectiveness technologies and administrative solutions. Using SAS®, administrators can consolidate, report and analyze data to make proactive, data-driven decisions and determine probable future outcomes.

  8. wvvw.stemresources.com

    Standards-based instructional tools, curriculum materials and additional Internet resource links

  9. www.theqateway.org

    This link will give you access to Internet-based lesson plans, instructional units and other educational materials in all forms and formats. The Gateway’s goal is to improve the organization and accessibility of the substantial collections of materials that are already available on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites.

  10. www.TNCurriculumCenter.org

    Includes online resources, information and links to websites that directly link to Tennessee standards for K—12 English/language arts, mathematics and science

  11. www.Thinkfinity.org

    Includes teaching and learning resources created by various education organizations in each academic subject and literacy. K—12 resources are grade-specific and aligned with standards.

  12. www.gaIlupstudentpoll.com

    The Gallup Education Practice has provided expertise and tools to school districts across the United States to help drive student success. Gallup is now adding the voice of America’s youth to the dialogue around how to ensure a positive future for all students.


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