Science 8 Assignments




Homework and Do Now

May 19

National Science League Competition

1. Homework: Bring science syllabus; Final Quizzam on 5/23

2. Do Now: None


May 20

Metric Conversions

1. Homework: Ch. 12 Test Corrections; bring syllabus; Final Quizzam on 5/23

2. Do Now: Read p.502 and do the first practice problem.


May 21

Metric Conversions

1. Homework: Bring textbook; Final Quizzam on 5/23

2. Do Now:  What are the metric prefixes and base units?


May 22

Final Quizzam Review

1. Homework: Bring textbook; Final Quizzam tomorrow

2. Do Now: Explain how estimation is helpful during metric conversion problems.


May 23

Final Quizzam

1. Homework: None

2. Do Now: What will you miss most about Do Nows? :)


Extra Credit  -  Extra Credit can be used to replace your lowest lab or quiz grade.

4th Term - TCAP Reviews
Due Date: Monday, April 28, 2014

Option 1: Make a review  board game covering one of the TCAP topics (Inquriy & Technology, Biodiversity, Reactions, Matter, Forces). If you pick the topic that is most difficult for you, you will get the most out of the review. The game must include 3 parts: a set of directions, at least 20 review questions covering all material for selected topic, and a game board with pieces. Bring your game to class on April 28 and we will play it to review before TCAPs.

Option 2: Make science vocabulary PowerPoint flash cards. Select one of the terms of Academic Vocabulary (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). If you pick the list that is most difficult for you, you will get the most out of the review. Each slide needs to have 3 parts: vocabulary word, image, and definition. Use slide transitions to reveal the parts in order. First, the word should display on the slide. Then the image should be added. Finally, the definition of the word should appear with the word and image. Email the completed PowerPoint file or bring it to class on a jump drive. We will use these to review in class before TCAPs.