Curriculum Vita

Laura Robertson


Personal Information

Middle School Science Instructor, East Tennessee State University School

P.O. Box 70632

Johnson City, TN 37614

Phone: 423-439-4271

Fax: 423-439-5921





High School Diploma – University School, Johnson City, Tennessee, 1995

B.S. – University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2000, Biology

M.S. – University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2001, Elementary Education

Ph.D. – North Carolina State University, 2010 (Expected), Science Education



Tennessee Professional Licenses:  Elementary 1-8

        Biology 7-12

Status: Highly Qualified


Teaching Experience

2001-2007, 2009 - Present 7th & 8th Grade Science Instructor, ETSU University School

2005-2007       Middle School Technology Instructor, ETSU University School

Spring 2006     Exploring and Discovery in Science, ETSU Adjunct Professor

2001-2004       6th Grade Math Instructor, ETSU University School


Service, Leadership, and Professional Growth Activities

Fall 2009         Teacher Leader of University School Science Department, ETSU

Spring 2008     Hasselblad Seminar and school visits, Gothenburg, Sweeden

Fall 2008         University Supervisor of Student Teacher, NCSU

Summer 2008  Testing Consultant, Durham Public Schools, NC

Summer 2008  Consultant, Horizon Inc., Chapel Hill, NC

Summer 2008  Workshop Coordinator: Friday Institute, 1 to 1 Initiative, Raleigh, NC

April 2008       Organized activities and tours for NanoDays Event, Raleigh, NC   

April 2008       Maze Days for students with visual impairments, Chapel Hill, NC

Spring 2008     Teaching Assistant for Master’s Level Science Education Course, NCSU  

October 2007 Science Night at Stough Elementary School, Raleigh, NC

2003–2007      Mentor Teacher for Student Teachers, ETSU

2001-2007       Organized University School Science Fair

May 2007        Professional Exchange Rotary International, Seoul, South Korea

October 2006              National Association of Laboratory Schools Symposium, Scranton, PA

November 2006 National Middle School Association Conference, Nashville, TN

July 2006         Science Safety Seminar, Johnson City, TN

July 2005         Item-Review Workshop for Tennessee Achievement Test, Nashville, TN

November 2004 Featured Employee for Outstanding Service, ETSU

July 2004         Nuclear Fundamentals Workshop, Spring City, TN

June 2004        Science Education Leadership Institute, Reaching for Excellence in Middle and High School Science Partnership, ETSU

April 2003       Standard Setting Study for The Praxis Series, Nashville, TN

November 2002 Tennessee Association of Science Meeting, Nashville, TN


Selected Publications and Presentations

Gardner, G.E., Jones, M.G., Taylor, A., Forrester, J., & Robertson, L. (in press). Students’ risk perceptions of nanotechnology applications. International Journal of Science Education.

Robertson, L. & Meyer, J. (2010). Exploring sound with insects. Science Scope.

Robertson, L. (2009, May). Autonomy and Self-determination Theory in different contexts: Cultural determinants of middle school science teachers’ motivation and instruction. Poster presented at Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education Graduate Student Research Symposium, NC State University.

Robertson, L., Jones, M.G., Gardner, G.E., Dotger, S., & Krebs, D. (2009, April). Elementary science kits: Classroom practices, instructional strategies, and assessment types. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, CA.

Robertson, L. & Jones, M.G. (2009). Biological clocks and circadian rhythms. Science Scope, 32, 42-47.

Jones, M. G.; Falvo, M.; Kubasko, D.; Taylor, A.; Forrester, J.; Gardner, G.; Krebs, D.; Robertson, L.  (2008).  Monsters to mice –size and scale across the sciences.  Workshop presentation at National Science Teachers Association National Conference, Boston, MA. 

Blakely, A., Horton, A, & Robertson, L.  (2005).  Creating a climate of communication. Presentation at the annual National Middle School Association conference in Philadelphia, PA. 

Robertson, L.  (2003).  Book reviews in Your reading: An annotated booklist for middle school and junior high, 11th Edition.  Brown, J. E. & Stephens, E. C. (Eds.).  National Council of Teachers of English.


Research Experiences

August 2007-June 2009 Research Assistant in Science Education, NC State University

2005-2007 Middle School Science Teaching and Learning Partnership for Northeast Tennessee, Co-Investigator working with Dr. Aimee Lee Govett

2005-2006 Action Research Project “Analysis of the Impacts of Block and Hour-long Classes on Middle School Student Performances in Science”

2004-2005 Action Research Project “Analysis of Pre- and Post-test Data from Cumulative Test – 6th Grade Math”

2005 University Middle School Curriculum Re-alignment Proposal

2001 Master’s Level Action Research Project on Art and Science Integration

2000 Undergraduate Honors Thesis on Fear and Aggression in Agelenopsis aperta


Grants and Fellowships

March 2009     College of Education Dissertation Support Award, NCSU ($1500)

July 2005         Provost’s Fellowship, NCSU ($4000)

January 2005   “GSI: Geologic Science Investigators” ($500), Eastman Chemical Company

April 2003       Grant to purchase chemistry teaching materials ($200), American Chemical Society

February 2003 “Flower Form and Function” ($75), Junior League of Johnson City, TN


Professional Association Memberships

2007 – Present              American Educational Research Association

2007 – Present              National Association of Research in Science Teaching

2007 – Present  North Carolina Science Teachers Association

2001 – Present              National Science Teachers Association

2001-02, 2006 – Present Tennessee Science Teacher Association

2001 – 2004  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics