Senior Superlatives


Class of 2015

  1. Most likely to be heard across campus (loudest):  Rachel Johnson & Harrison Hester

  2. Most likely to use 15 hair products in the morning (best hair):  Morgan McNeely & Silas Venturella

  3. Most likely to go pro (most athletic):  Mollee Cohee & Dustin Estes

  4. Most likely to spend 3 hours to pick out the perfect outfit (best dressed):  Tessa Bauer & Joe Coffee

  5. Most likely to paint up for a basketball game (most school spirited):  Carolee Mabe & Quinn Pilkey

  6. Most likely to wear tennis shoes to prom (most unique):  Miriam Stout & Wilson Wade

  7. Most likely to win Jeopardy (smartest):  Robin Happel & Ronnie Zimmerman

  8. Most likely to believe buffalo wings come from buffalo (most gullible):  Kayla Boyd & Connor Abla

  9. Most likely to hack NASA (most tech savvy):  Haley Bradshaw & Ian Holley

  10. Best Pearly Whites (Best Smile):  Grace Owen & Noah Jones

  11. Most likely to make your heart skip a beat (biggest flirt):  Savannah Hubbard & Isaac Kinser

  12. Most likely to make a red carpet appearance (most likely to be famous):  Cassie Brooks & Noah McGill

  13. Most likely to make you laugh until you cry (funniest):  Casey Mosely & Brent Parker

  14. Most likely to sleep through graduation (worst case of senioritis):  Alisha Strickland & Alex hall

  15. Best all around:  Alexis Abbot & Nick Sewell

  16. Cutest Couple that Never Was:  Collin Newberry & Kenzie Taylor