Science Fair


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Chicken bones

The Cheese Experiment

Energy Bars

How Hot are your Bulbs?

Do Bean Plants Grow Taller with Water or Diluted Soda?

Sit and Spin

Which Detergent Removes A Grape Juice Stain the Best?

Fishing line

The Stroop Effect: Does Age Matter?

I Got The Music In Me!

Ball Bounce

Can You Guess Your Hand?

Breathing Techniques while Running

Are  Fingerprint  Patterns  Hereditary?

Fire Time

Memory Madness

Colored Ice

Bounce Height of Different Types of Waterlogged and Heated Baseballs

Music and The Driver

Does pound test line effect casting distance?

Tesla Coil Frequency Efficiency

The Yeast Experiment

Dispersing Oil

Music and Blood Pressure

Which Will Rise Higher

A Social Network

How much water is in an Orange?

What Dogs See

Balance = Accuracy?

That’s Rubbish!


Speedy Fingers

Which Candy is the Sourest

Got The Words?

Ice Water 
The Container That Insulates Best

What is the effect of different conditions on the amount of fizz in the different sodas?

Sugar Rush


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