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Ms. Kim Curtis, Cafeteria Manager, 

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Cafeteria Manager,
Kim Curtis



Ronnie Tipton


Connie Taylor


University School Cafeteria Menus
*Menus Subject to change


Printable November Lunch Menu



Printable November Breakfast Menu




Grades 7-8 have extra items on the menu 3 days a week as follows:

Monday - Breadsticks
Wednesday - Stuffed Crust Pizza; Deli Sandwich
Friday - Individual Round Pizza

These are added along with regular menu items.


High School   Everyday regular menu plus Fries or Tots daily

Monday & Wednesday - Stuffed Crust Pizza
Tuesday & Thursday - Big Daddy Pizza
Friday - Individual Round Pizza



Snacks / A la Carte items are available for purchase during cafeteria hours, 7:25 - 12:45 which includes before school, during breakfast and during designated breaks/lunch times.  These items cannot be charged.


A la Carte New Items!!!

Rice Krispies treats .75

Pudding .50

Chocolate Chip Cookie .25

Slushies .75

Ice Cream  .50 and .75

Assorted Chips  .50

Chef Salad $3.00 (a la carte only)


We now have Sunflower Seeds!  .25


ENTRÉE- 1.90
Taco, Pizza, Hamburger, Chicken Patty Sandwich, Chicken Nuggets, Spaghetti, Chicken Vegetable Soup, Steak, Baked Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, Turkey Wrap, Pulled Pork BBQ, Fajita Chicken Pita Pocket, Bake Potato w/Chili, Chef Salad, Fish Sandwich, Roast Turkey w/Gravy, Deli Sandwich, Turkey Corn Dog


Yogurt Parfait

Additional Items

8 oz. WATER




Other items may become available, when they do I will update the A la Carte sheet. Please Note: A la Carte items cannot be charged, the student must have cash or money on their account before they can purchase these items.





Dear Parent or Guardian,

With the federal guidelines changing school lunches (see menus above) your child may have told you about the changes going on now in the cafeteria. As most of you have noticed breakfast and lunch prices have increased, as well as the A la Carte items (see list below). If your student is going to purchase a lunch this is what they must have on their tray.  At least three of these items and one must be a fruit or vegetable. This counts as their meal for the price of their grade level, (example: 1.95- k-4, 2.05- 5-8 and 2.15 for 9-12). An entrée (meat), a vegetable and fruit, or two vegetables or two fruits, milk, and roll if the roll comes with the entrée item, otherwise your student will be charged A la Carte prices for what they have on their tray.

Please keep in mind that no charging is allowed in the cafeteria, I try to refrain from this but I understand emergencies occur and it cannot be helped, so parents please help me with this matter. Please note, you may receive a phone call from the cafeteria manager, letting you know your child owes money in the cafeteria. Some charges get way out of control and the amount of food prepared depends on the amount of students paying for breakfast or lunch. If money is not sent in for your childs account, your child cannot be counted as buying a meal. When this happens it makes my meal count low, and that means less food being prepared.

We want to thank you for letting us serve your child.

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    Please note that there will be no charging allowed in the cafeteria.

    Parents, when writing a check, please use black or blue ink.  Regions Bank has asked us not to accept any checks written with other colors of ink.  We are sorry for any inconvenience! 

    Thank you! 



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