5th Grade - Senior Tea


Each year students in 5th grade complete "Time Capsule Packets" and then invite the students from the current graduating class, who were enrolled at University School during their 5th grade year, to a special Celebration Tea Party.  During the Tea seniors are allowed to open their 5th Grade Time Capsules!  As they reminisce about their elementary/middle school/high school years they impart invaluable wisdom to the current 5th graders.  banner


Pictured below is the Senior Tea for the Class of 2014, hosted by the Class of 2021, Ms. Janaitis, current 5th grade instructor and Ms. Knight, School Librarian now and when this group of seniors were in 5th grade.  Special guests also included Ms. Mary, Ms. Myra, Ms. Kelli, and Ms. Horton, who were also at University School in 2007.

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